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    Hey Davman, you sound like you’re chewing a mouthful of wasps while trying to be a nice guy. Suck it up mate, we beat you, simple. ;)
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    Sporting achievements. Non

    I totally agree with them as well. Max had the choice to run off but decided to try and squeeze a 2m wide rocket on wheels into a gap that was closing, and all the while being marginally behind Hamilton. He knew that if he’d let Hamilton get away, the race was over. As for Christian Horner...
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    Sporting achievements. Non

    Today’s UK Sportsman’s Achievement Award goes to Lewis Hamilton for parking his company car under Max Verstappen’s. A lot of money down the tubes there.
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    Callum Hart early 2006 I’m fairly sure he scored a couple of maximums on a pin-ball machine in the Bristol Central Working Men’s Club.
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    Non Emma Raducanu

    I’m still trying to work out why Judy Murray is a “celebrity”
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    Another New Member To The Coaching Staff

    For me, this has to be the best signing so far this season. A true leader who can pass that passion onto the next generation coming through. Welcome back Tommy!!! .
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    Ryan Christie

    AFCB medical team were said to be very impressed with one outstanding feature when completing Ryan Christie’s evaluation today ....
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    Jamal Lowe

    Photo proof that JL has had his medical has been released at last. He dropped into RBH earlier this afternoon ...... in his Swansea kit b/c he’d just come from training. You do believe this don’t you?
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    Saturday funny

    :LOL: What a muppet.
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    Gary Cahill next in

    We’ll see? Are you sure it wasn’t the Gareth Hunt hand movement when asked what he thought of Mike Dean’s refereeing?
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    Gary Cahill next in

    Good to see Gary is still on the scene
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    Away At Norwich

    Another trip to Letsbee Avenue, Norwich
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    If we kept the current squad intact

    If we kept the current squad I can’t see us getting a top three place. Playoff’s are a realistic option, but then absolutely anything can happen over the course of the season Any changes to the playing staff in or out is going to be driven by a need to balance the finances so buying the right...
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    Nathan Ake

    For today's style of game, I'd agree, but in different times on different standards of pitches and in a lower league of course, I don't think you'd have found better than Shaun Teale. The guy had legs like tree trunks and wasn't afraid to use his strength.
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    Kyle Edwards

    I think that is a common denominator throughout football all around the world at the moment ........... apart from City.