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    Cardiff City v AFC Bournemouth

    …I thought you were too :grinning:
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    Still tinpot

    Dear? Was it expensive then?
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    Winter...Going Into Summer Game

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    Tony Scott - RIP

    How sad. A exciting little player in his time, you always felt something was going to happen when he had the ball down the wing. RIP.
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    5 Letter Word Game

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    A little off topic but I love the Wadebridge area. Have spent many happy times in and around Polzeath and learnt to sail at Rock. Beautiful part of the world.
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    Winter...Going Into Summer Game

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    Well done Fletch

    Well I would rather trust a friend who was sat in amongst the away fans and saw what happened as opposed to some know-it-all on this m/b who was sat near the away fans and who I don’t know.
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    My dad…

    Oh Neil, I’m so very sorry to hear your sad news and thanks for sharing more about your Dad. My thoughts are with you and your family at this time.
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    Well done Fletch

    I understand the principle of the point you make and don’t disagree, but lambs to the slaughter and all that…so there also has to be some level of duty of care.
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    Well done Fletch

    It’s sad that society appears to take one step forward and two steps back in regard racism. This is more that just ignorance, for certain generations/some in society it appears to be endemic.
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    Well done Fletch

    And that’s an odd response. Very very sure. A QPR supporting friend was in the with the QPR fans and witnessed it all first hand. He was ashamed and disgusted and reported it
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    Mark Warburton

    It’s a shame when a good manager behaves with that kind of nonsense.
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    Well done Fletch

    The ball boy of colour was getting a load of racist abuse from the QPR fans (prevalent for much of the game and directed towards our players also I understand) and Fletch quickly swapped him with another ball boy. Whoever thought it a good idea to put the poor boy in front of the away fans...