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    IBE , was left out of Fulham game due to " Tactical Reasons".

    He did. Sat in the car park. Had words with a club official and then drove off. :utc:
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    Match Report and Mom v Fulham

    Not too sure but according to my son, Clyne seemed to arrive and leave with Ibe, after a car park stand off with a club official . Very strange occurrence. :utc:
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    One of those days at the office but...

    Did anyone else see Ibe arrive at the ground after 1.30 (apparently 15 minutes late), not get out of his car, talk to an official and then leave again?
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    AFCB v Fulham

    Letting the train take the strain. :utc:
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    AFCB v Fulham

    Left home (Manchester) at 6.30 am to go to our first home game of the season. :utc:
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    Non - Climate Change Protesters

    Yes, absolutely. He, IMHO, is brilliant.
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    Non - Climate Change Protesters

    Having said that Billy I think the general approach by the Extinction Rebellion has been brilliant. It has been a very peaceful and passive protest, which the police openly admit that they are finding very difficult to deal with, hence the reason it has gone on so long. (I note in Paris the...
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    Non - Climate Change Protesters

    But surely that is the issue? Everything we individually do is insignificant in the grand scheme of things but put all those individual things together and it becomes significant. Who is going to be the first to say 'I'm not doing that' so that the rest of the world can follow suit? I am...
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    Vitals First Goal Scorer 2018/19

    Mitrovic Jesus :utc:
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    Attendance Competition 2018-19

    AFCB v Fulham 10,546 + Me :party: :utc:
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    Prediction League - 2018/19

    AFCB 1 Fulham 2 :utc:
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    LAST MAN STANDING - Season 2018/2019 - The 4th Premier League Season - Game 4

    Ooooooops. So you did. Thanks for your honesty. :utc:
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    LAST MAN STANDING - Season 2018/2019 - The 4th Premier League Season - Game 4

    The inconsistent Cherries let tednphil down :eek!: and Everton a whole lot of others. 21 left in, They are: afcblady LesTheChap Cherry_Bozzo Garbo Audenshaw Cherry Bognor red mdb64 Sorry Roger afcdibby cherrydownunder chillred deancourt ErikthViking ExiledGooner here to play leaprobe...