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    Qatar World Cup

    What was it? 6500 deaths at the last count. So fcuked.
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    Non - Pandemic

    Oh god, yeah. Last year I drove 15 miles out of the city to donate blood because I had had covid and they were looking for donors for to provide for a covid plasma treatment and they were like no way you're British - BSE!!! If I'd gotten mad cow disease in the 90s when all I could afford to eat...
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    Still tinpot

    To be honest I think it would have the opposite effect and calm him down. Either that or he's still stuck on Spike Island. That post read like something the Youtube close caption AI translated.
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    I think Brentford are going to be fine for a while. They have a great set up. I wish them. I am NOT liking Brighton in the top 4 though.
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    The Never Ending Jukebox Track Three

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    Non - Clive Sinclair

    I just Facebook stalked him... we were at BS at the same time!! He was four years above though. This is so funny, me and one of my best friends here play Worms on the Xbox all the time!
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    non [ Ted Lasso ]

    I liked "The Leftovers", it's definitely a bit loopy but I found it compelling. The cult stuff was interesting. We're currently in the middle of "For All Mankind", which we thought would be silly but it's pretty stirring. The new Taika Waititi comedy-drama "Reservation Dogs" is excellent. I'm...
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    Cardiff City v AFC Bournemouth

    Yes new signings bedding in. I will always miss Eddie but it's a breath of fresh air not having to worry about a new signing having to train for 6 months to "bed in".
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    Non - Clive Sinclair

    I mean come on, the world might be ending. May as well enjoy it as it lasts!!
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    Thoughts on today

    Yes, though to be fair Cahill is an absolute masterstroke signing and would still do a job in the Premier League. Watching him play I can't quite believe he chose to come here.
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    Non - Clive Sinclair

    Team should come out to this. I'd double drop in the Ted Shed!
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    Cardiff City v AFC Bournemouth

    I wish that twerp from the Fulham messageboard would make an appearance again. What the hell was he on about?
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    Non - Clive Sinclair

    Hahaha. Hell yes that track is HOT!
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    Non - Clive Sinclair

    My dad borrowed a ZX81 from his boss at work. I stood there mouth agape as Arkanoid loaded up. My dad never figured how to repeat the feat so my mum would switch it on and I would hammer away at the keyboard typing nonsense early in the morning before I went to playschool. I have golden...
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    My dad…

    My condolences to you and your family, Neil. That was a lovely tribute.