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    Brighton away

    Some great pubs in Lewes and parking right at the station.
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    Non - Brexit

    Correct, with nothing else on the table and if no other decision is taken, a no-deal Brexit happens on the 29th.
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    Non - Brexit

    The Bercow ruling means that the Government has failed. Theresa May has completely ballsed it up, by waiting too long to present any kind of solution as a way of trying to keep the Tories together. Jeremy Corbyn is complicit by not forcing the government to sort this out sooner because he has...
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    Brighton away

    Certainly worried me for a while!
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    On this day 17 March

    Truly a finger-biting night that one. The relief that we had scraped through was as great as either of the two great escape seasons. The celebrations were huge. 21 years ago? Seems like only 20!
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    On this day 14 March

    2009 2-0 win at Macclesfield, Lee Bradbury scoring both. 225 Cherries fans made the trip and made up 14% of the 1,589 attendance. The great escape was truly on.
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    On this day 15 March

    2010 we drew 2-2 at Notts County. We were behind twice before equalising with a very late goal from Jeff Goulding.
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    The Never Ending Jukebox, track two.

    Being high in the Rocky Mountains on Sunday (high as in altitude, it is not legal in Utah) I was unable to post it as Micky Jones Day. Is it really nine years ago?
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    60 MPH winds - game off?

    Well, I never venture outside any day when there might be some weather. You never know what strange creatures you may meet.
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    Vitals First Goal Scorer 2018/19

    Brooks Salah
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    Attendance Competition 2018-19

    AFCB vs. Newcastle United 10,606
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    Prediction League - 2018/19

    Boscombe 4 Ritchie and Friends 2
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    Will we ever play them again ?

    "Only here for the season!"
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    Will we ever play them again ?

    From Reading being perennial rivals to them being above us in the league for a while, I certainly did not like them. Elm Park usually spellt trouble and we were unfortunate at the Mad Stad. Now, having had a couple of "big days out," I have no interest in the biscuit crunchers at all...
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    Vitals First Goal Scorer 2018/19

    R35 Please change Brooks for Wilson I will stick with my roiginal choice of Murray for the other match!!!!!