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    Tony Scott - RIP

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    Just got back

    Six points. Great entertainment. AFCB live. Worth it.
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    Leif Davis

    Davis is a common name in Wales. It is pronounced "numpty," meaning "bitter Cardiff City supporter."
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    Non - Bad driving

    Right, this morning just about takes the biscuit. I'm at the Shah of Persia traffic lights in just up from Poole Hospital. Anyway, I barely jump the lights, in fact, they were hardly red at all. But you know how it is when you're doing fifty, you don't want to have to slam on the brakes do you...
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    Spare ticket for QPR available

    Seat filled.
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    Non - Bad driving

    the middle lane is populated by folks dawdling along at 50 or less who never change lane and seem oblivious to all other vehicles. Strange. Anyone entering the country for the first time and driving up the M2 or M20 could gain the impression that driving in the middle lane is actually compulsory.
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    Non - Bad driving

    I always thought it strange that there is one type of road in the UK where people drive on the right: motorways. The left lane is often empty while the right lane is crowded. Meanwhile, the middle lane is populated by folks dawdling along at 50 or less who never change lane and seem oblivious...
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    Spare ticket for QPR available

    I currently hold two tickets for tomorrow night and as there is only one of me, would anyone like a ticket for the Ted Shed? Please PM if interested.
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    Championship 21/22

    Has he gone yet?
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    Non - Brexit

    I hope that you don't get all the palaver that I had to put up with this morning travelling Dunkerque to Dover. I use that term because everything was for show and totally lacing any real purpose. Didn't even check the corona papers properly!
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    20 years since 9/11

    If you want a conspiracy theory question, what happened to those little blue packets in crisps? You know, a pinch of salt...
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    Non - Pandemic

    There already is a “covid Id” just to enter the country. This involves no less than FOUR steps of proof required. This involves a cost of over a £100, two lots of running around amounting to a long morning and a couple more hours filling out forms on the internet. So may as well make the most...
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    European Super League

    Quite right! Thanks for proofreading. Highlights the issue of changing your mind halfway through a sentence, but failing to alter the words accordingly.
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    AFCB Programmes giveaway

    Also to be given away is a copy of I Am The Gloryhunter: One Man's Quest For The Ultimate Football Season by Spencer Austin.Has chapters about Bournemouth including the infamous trip to Blyth.
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    Non - Pandemic

    Tried it once, didn't like it.