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    Non - Pandemic

    That should be part of COBRA decision making but hasnt been done well so far. Still the same uncertainty round education, travel, demand on the nhs as there was 12 months ago. What is being managed better?
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    Non - Pandemic

    Interesting to hear if JVT thinks this is a garden shed meeting. The group have a track record of needing to self isolate.
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    Non - Pandemic

    YES .
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    Non - Pandemic

    The scapegoats demoted and the vaccine minister promoted. Still no minister for the pandemic Reshuffle: Boris Johnson continues changes after cabinet revamp - BBC News
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    Non - Brexit

    M&S is aimed at the French consumer surely. Foreign muck makes up the shortfall in the UK self sufficiency in food Glotech Repairs - The UK’s Top Food and Drink Imports & Where They’re From - Glotech Repairs
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    QPR manager and fans would be better to focus on how many shots on goal they managed. The problem with lumping it long to an immobile big front man after passing around the back is players need to be getting forward when the header is won. The game plan of lump it in to the box needs a plan B...
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    Leif Davis

    Smith is not a top level championship lb
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    Non - Pandemic

    Daily mail going full moaning again. Daily Telegraph front page cartoon carries on their lack of support for boris You can fool less of the people less of the time as the pm becomes more of a liability than an asset.
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    Well done Fletch

    Hopefully the individuals were identified and qpr will be banning them and mr warburton denouncing them
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    Mark Warburton

    No comment on his player kicking out at an opponent off the ball?
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    My dad…

    Mr Dawson senior 10/10 lived a blinder Neil Dawson 10/10 a life report that anyone would be proud to have written
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    Non - Brexit

    The statement on the bus was unsubstantiated and has become another broken promise. You can fool some of the people all of the time never changes.
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    Non - House prices

    1/3 of low paid wages taken by a low tax government, more efficient to levy a transaction tax on the money moved out of the country by the low tax paying companies surely.
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    Steve Cook

    Tommy Elphick spoke about supporting the younger players as part of his role
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    Non - House prices

    Could Sainsburys fill potholes, collect rubbish, put out fires, deter crime, educate children, care for those not capable of working ? Trickle down economics and no such thing as society was debunked with the demise of Reagan and Thatcher.