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    Cardiff City v AFC Bournemouth

    Cardiff City were never out of the game against Coventry in midweek, but their eventual 1-0 defeat saw them miss out on a chance to push themselves into the top six of the Championship. Regardless, the ‘Bluebirds’ remain in positive territory overall in terms of league form (W3, D2, L2), with...
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    5 Letter Word Game

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    I had a friend who lived in Cavendish Road, when there was a game on we used to sneak in as he had a wooden gate leading into the ground at the end of the garden.
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    Chris Hughton

    Not sure where Eddie would fit, he likes to rule the roost, most clubs don't want that,
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    That prat Stroud

    That happened a lot at corners also. their number ? with his arms right around Kelly stopping him from moving, right in front of the ref too.
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    Scott Parker

    The team is a new one and will probably gel into a force to be hard to beat.
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    Empty Seats

    Agree, it needs to be sorted, maybe someone local could send an e-mail to Liz Finny to explain the situation. and what the club are doing about empty seats, I know that if I wasn't able to get tickets to games, I would be writing to the club.
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    Leif Davis

    Leif is a very common name in Denmark and the Nordic countries, pronounced "Life" in Denmark, meaning "descendant"
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    Ben Pearson

    They were dominating midfield due to Brooks just wandering about. His defensive work is awful. Bring back Richie
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    Colin Ingleby-Mackenzie leads Hampshire celebrations after they secured their first Championship title
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    Empty Seats

    TV cameras help quite a lot. I can't remember the last league game I missed.
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    Empty Seats

    E-mail the club about a month before you are travelling and ask if you can be put on the list for International supporters wanting to see a game. I did this and got two tickets to watch us play Arsenal. Lost 1-2
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    Empty Seats

    Same seats every matchday,
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    Championship 21/22

    9 Method of Determining League Positions 9.1 At the end of each Season the Club in each Division scoring the highest number of points shall be declared the Champion Club of that Division. Three points shall be awarded for each League Match won. One point will be awarded to each Club for a...