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    To rotate or not rotate

    Key issue is SP's readiness to make subs. Take decent lead - make key subs; losing or underperforming - make subs. This gives squad players exposure and keeps the first choice on their toes. Doesn't have to be destabilising if done with care and the right timing.
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    Fair comment - for two years I was hoping Eddie would sign Watkins, posting on here numerous recommendations for him (I guess Eddie wasn’t reading this forum - or maybe he had other plans). Still - frustrating that Brentford got both of them, cheaply, and will make a pile from sales. Brentford...
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    AFC Bournemouth v Luton Town

    That's a very pessimistic assessment. Our squad has depth and width, in the sense that most positions are well covered (poss exception goalkeeper). I anticipate a finish in the top two unless there's extraordinarily bad luck with injuries. We look well capable of beating everything outside the...
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    We missed out on Toney and on Ollie Watkins when both were scoring for fun in a lower league and both were affordable. We signed Ibe and Mousset ... oh well!
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    Good on Brentford and their fans. Never had grief from Bees supporters at Griffin Park - a bunch just like us, with decades in old Div 3 when they longed to play in the Big League. Well run club, effective recruitment, got a good ground now … what’s the point being sour about them??
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    Non RIP Jimmy Greaves

    Boxing Day, Wednesday 26 December 1962: we're staying in London for Christmas and go to White Hart Lane to see Spurs play Ipswich (who had earlier won the league - old Division 1). It was the first day of the "Great Freeze" that saw the season postponed for months. When the game started snow was...
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    Cardiff City v AFC Bournemouth

    Mick McCarthy this morning: "It was a difficult result, we were playing against one of the teams that will finish in the top two I think.” "They're an almost perfect Championship team, it was always going to be a tough ask but for 55 minutes I was delighted.” "We had set up to frustrate them...
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    Sentimental journey...

    Bootham Crescent ... Dean Court: Some of the photos of the abandoned ground bring memories of the South End at the old DC. Nice piece written by a true fan.
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    Chris Hughton

    Forest starting to look like a crisis-ridden club in the Sunderland mode. Pity - big support, decent stadium, great history. Fans must be furious/bewildered. Serious option for Eddie?
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    My dad…

    Condolences, Neil, and wishes to you and the family. I recognise your sentiments and think too of my Dad with us on the Brighton Beach End at our first DC match in 1962. Now we have to pass on the torch.
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    Barnsley - The verdict.

    Barnsley forum saying men against little boys. Encouraging…
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    AFC Bournemouth v Barnsley

    Lowe to score … just have a premonition.
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    AFC Bournemouth v Barnsley

    Replying to Waz … with both Pearson and Lerma we’re short of midfield creativity. And why not play Lowe, when we’re short of firepower? Plus, Morgan Rogers will surely get on at some point.
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    AFC Bournemouth v Barnsley

    Selection for Barnsley … surely Cahill, Christie and Lowe all play? And can we afford both Pearson and Lerma? Travers Stacey Cahill Kelly Zamura Pearson Brooks Christie Billing Lowe Solanke
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    General sale tickets

    OK SDD - once more we’re going round in circles. Key consideration - others get the balance (player recruitment/capital investment) more or less right … we can’t seem to. Right now it casts a shadow over the club and makes growth so very difficult. A pity …