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    Emiliano Marcondes

    I would imagine so, wouldn't you?
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    Ryan Christie

    Size isn't everything, so they say. Celtic are a huge club compared to ours but the lad has shown ambition by moving away, actually nearly as far away from Celtic as possible in the country. Whether his mindset is to use us as a stepping stone to get into the PL, hopefully with us, I applaud his...
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    Emiliano Marcondes

    I wonder if the club are rueing renewing his contract. Injured already, games missed already and one of our top earners. I agree there is some ability there but I think we are doing pretty well without him and the young lads are excelling in the team. He's a pretty expensive luxury.
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    Thoughts on today

    Job done. First win at Cardiff for 20 odd years. Top of the league and still room to improve can't be a bad thing.
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    Taking then knee

    You're quite right but possibly slightly missing my point. ' Apparently not supporting taking the knee can be construed as a sign of racism by some. Of course that is a ridiculous assumption. I personally don't applaud taking the knee or give a thought either way regarding the players that take...
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    Taking then knee

    What amazes me most in all of this is , and I can only say this in our case, is those who are against taking the knee and don't applaud , or whatever, then go on to support and cheer a team that , certainly on Tuesday , had( has) more black ethnicity players in it than white ! The irony!
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    Empty Seats

    Let's also not forget that due to our petite stadium small patches of empty seats will look like quite alot. 400 or 500 empty seats in a 20,000 seater stadium would like a full house. Doesn't help the argument, just pointing it out
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    Smart speakers

    Tune in on a Saturday afternoon. 103.something on FM or BBC Solent on DAB, if you live in dorset
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    Empty Seats

    I felt the same when the club needed money to stay in existence, however, having witnessed the amount wasted on poor transfer choices and their exorbitant wages, the financial gains and rewards for the directors I would actually like to reimbursed as a matter of personal principle. The days of...
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    Empty Seats

    It's sounding almost taboo to have a season ticket reading alot of this.ive had the same seat as a ST holder since we moved into the ' new' stadium. I don't remember the clamour for tickets back then so I refuse to accept any notion that ST holders should be obliged to turn up to every single...
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    That prat Stroud

    I've always said that Stroudie was a top ref ......:throw:
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    Empty Seats

    Also with regards to contact/ response from the club, I have been in touch with regards to my company being a match day sponsor. I've had no response at all. It may be that all the match day sponsorships are already sold out but still a response would be nice
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    Empty Seats

    So genuine question. How many people are we actually talking about wanting tickets? How many empty seats on Tuesday? Around 300, 400, 500? Would the club be willing to invest/ spend money on something that would sell a ticket that they've already had revenue for? Is it a burning issue that club...
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    QPR are London's Burnley and I claim my £5
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    Why are West Brom above us?

    Because they have a bigger stadium, as we are constantly reminded by opposing teams. Don't forget we should be playing in the Southern middle premier Division east with a stadium like ours.To answer your question I actually have no idea but if the table looks like that at the end of the season...