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    I always respect fans from other teams who join this forum and thank us for defeating them. One of the many positives of being back in the Champ
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    Dave Provan (who??)

    Every time I even click on a link to the Daily Record, my IQ goes down by three
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    To rub salt in the wound

    Everton struggled to win against 'uddersfield despite fielding a strong team
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    Norwich City v AFC Bournemouth - League Cup Second Round - Tuesday 7 pm

    This is the issue when a team is a rag-tag group of youngsters who probably have never played together before joining up with a manager with hardly any experience.
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    Norwich City v AFC Bournemouth - League Cup Second Round - Tuesday 7 pm

    We started well under Tindall too
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    Non: Klopp on Burnley

    Where have we seen this before?
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    Should never have ;)

    I like Geordie fans. Villians on the other hand
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    Lackluster signing. I have my doubts however I hope I'm wrong. I think there were better opportunities out there.
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    Freddie Woodman

    Age? You realise we had Boruc?
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    Non. Barcelona

    Just read they're interested in Aubameyang. B-b-but their finances are 100% legitimate!
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    AFC Bournemouth v MK Dons - League Cup First Round

    Can only assume he wants a break. I would like to see him in management though, he has the potential to be a great manager
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    Unusual disliking of other club(s)

    Wolves. Easily
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    I recently watched a game with him featuring. When we were on the ball, he would point to an available player for them to pass to. Very calm and collective on the ball too. Deserved VC and Clup Captain. It's just little things like that which make him one of my favourites of these past few years.
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    Probably lured by Franno's addition to the backroom staff - hopefully there's a space for him too
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    Scott Dann

    Ever since the majority of the old guard left, there's been a leadership vacuum. Cook's tried but he just doesn't have the same capabilities as Surman, Franno and Elphick did. I'm afraid I don't see a Captain Cook (hopefully, later down the line I'm wrong). Scott Dann fulfils that leadership...