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    Peterborough U v West Brom

    Is the issue not with the towels? I didn't think that was allowed?
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    A right back?
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    Non - Panorama Tonight

    Is it fair to call May an awful PM? She didn't actually do anything at all. Nothing. Nothing bad and nothing good. The square root of FA. That surely leaves her at an even score of 0 while there are countless others who are gleefully galloping through a wheatfield of thousands into the minuses...
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    Non: Chelsea: double jab or -ve test for home games.

    3-4 times lower in those who are vaccinated based on current studies.
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    Non: Chelsea: double jab or -ve test for home games.

    People I know keep making this argument and it's very much a half truth. Yes you can still carry if jabbed but will have a far smaller (lower?) viral load. That means a vaccinated carrier will pass on far less virus, meaning there will be less virus in the air or in the flob or whatever. Less...
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    Non - Tokyo Olympics

    This should never have gone ahead but you don't get to argue with the Olympic Delivery Commission. From first hand experience dealing with them in the lead up to 2012 and in the aftermath with the Legacy committee, I've no trouble at all telling you that the Olympics is one of the nastiest...
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    Did we play a match tonight?

    Ugh. I struggle with this place these days.
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    Did we play a match tonight?

    No thread discussing it?
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    Sweet Caroline

    Did anyone hear that awful England trumpet band yesterday? No, me either. Thank christ. Shame about Caroline, mind, when we've got the ultimate football anthem in 3 Lions.
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    Fulham’s Chairman message..

    Agreed. Probably my fave AFCB evening out. It felt like the day we really started to believe (the fans, that is) that'd we'd make it...
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    Eddie to Celtic?

    Our current board will steer us nowhere but downwards. Underqualified with over-inflated egos and salaries. Remember how directionless our side looked with Groves in charge and totally random marquee signings appearing from Holland every other week. We had more money than we knew what to do...
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    Jonathan Woodgate

    I voted no as I'm living in a dream world. That team should have virtually managed itself to the title at a canter so as a barometer I'd argue both JT and JW failed. I'd love us to have a manager that has experience and really knows what they're doing rather than our last two that have been...
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    Brentford v AFC Bournemouth - Championship Semi-Final 2nd Leg

    I'd agree under any other circumstances but our players had 46 games to show us their temperament and I think they made it abundantly clear they haven't got the stones to come back into this.
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    Brentford v AFC Bournemouth - Championship Semi-Final 2nd Leg

    Keep it tight and we've got a ch... I'll call it. We could lose by 3 or 4 here.
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    AFC Bournemouth v Stoke City - 1 To Go!

    Not sure the players should need to be saving themselves, they've only really turned up for half the season at most.