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    Sam Surridge

    How can anyone gloat to the Stoke fans at the price when you take into consideration what we have given Liverpool in the last 10 years lets be normal and just say un-disclosed ffs...
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    Season ticket prices

    SPOT ON...
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    AFC Bournemouth v MK Dons - League Cup First Round

    Freedom of choice.???? CUM again.!!
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    Season ticket prices

    Stick it to the FANS they will pay #mugs...
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    Woodgate to Southgate…

    Southgate is a fraud the same as Mclaren is the national manager is a soft job for yes men ..
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    Scott Parker

    Here with Harry Arter today ....
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    England Euro 2020

    So how much did we sell the ENGLAND centre back for.? and we got left with the Welsh equivalent Meps...
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    Parker V Woodgate

    Feck me dont mention a bigger stadium your have the snowflakes in hospital..
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    Brentford v Swansea

    You could be right....
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    Wycombe Wanderers v AFC Bournemouth - 2 To Go!

    Mepham what the feck are you doing backing off like that
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    AFC Bournemouth v Brentford - 3 To Go!

    Heads up asses ....
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    Ben Pearson

    Think we should call him Scruffy....