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    LAST MAN STANDING - Championship Season 2021 -2022 - Game 3

    Huddersfield please
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    “learnt to sail at Rock”. Your real name is Tarquin and I claim my five Guineas. :)
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    Bristol City away tickets online

    They were there, at least for those with 10 away points. Now they seem to have been taken down. Can anyone else with the necessary points still access them?
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    Leif Davis

    I thought he was already playing the wide left-midfield position as well as left back.
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    Mark Warburton

    Poor man’s Sean Dyche
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    Empty Seats

    Don’t think the ticket office actually know how many seats we have.
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    Non - Bad driving

    You have to drive aggressively in London otherwise you’d never get anywhere. It always amazes me when I am in the conurbation how slow people are at getting onto roundabouts.
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    General sale tickets

    The training ground site has next to no value. The previous owners have a charge on it should it be granted planning permission for housing. Essentially it is worth the value of an unprofitable golf club in the middle of nowhere. Maybe if we get promoted back to the PL we will see it...
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    Jordan Zemura

    If Cahill stays fit, I think it will be a bigger test for Kieffer Moore.
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    Jordan Zemura

    Dangerous suggestion. Everywhere that Bobby Zamora played he was dogged by the song: ”When you’re sat in row Z and the ball hits your head … that’s Zamora”. Funny thing is, how true that was.
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    Barnsley - The verdict.

    Simply. Loved. It.
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    Non - House prices

    This is a good read on the issue:
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    Non - Social care

    Government spin Rob. it is actually a 2.5% rise in National Insurance contributions, 1.25% by employees and 1.25% by employers. And social care won’t be seeing much, if any, of the money for three years.
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    Non - “I say, ding dong”

    If Leslie Philips was a bear, then this is the kind of bear I think he would be.
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    Our strongest 11…

    Surely the key point is that we now have a strong 18 available for each match. So far this season, we have had a reasonably strong starting line up, except perhaps for Birmingham away when Davis had to play so far out of position. The issue has been the lack of options on the bench.