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    Non - Brexit

    It’s alright Al, apparently I hate England as well. It’s a box you get put into by Derek if you dare to question anything we do wrong in this country.
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    Non - Brexit

    British business failing in Europe due to Brexit. So glad you find it trivial.
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    Non - Brexit

    I suggest you read it again. It's the UK and USA building nuclear power subs for Australia.
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    Non - Brexit

    I'm guessing that many remainers voted so because they wanted to see British businesses thriving in Europe.
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    Non - Brexit

    Good grief, that's a Derek answer. Did you vote leave because you wanted an inefficient supply chain?
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    Non - Brexit Going well, isn't it?
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    Vitals First Goal Scorer 2021/22

    It is indeed Jed.
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    Is there something up with Jeff?

    With only 3 minutes to go, Pearson realised that he hadn't been booked yet so he kicked the ball away.
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    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    Great game. Two really good teams going for it and it could have gone either way. Maybe we were lucky or maybe we played it just right. Any criticism of any of our players tonight is unjustified. They gave it their all and that was a promotion winning display.
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    Vitals First Goal Scorer 2021/22

    Solanke Wallace
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    Prediction League 2021/22

    Cherries 2 Qpr 2
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    Sporting achievements. Non

    Are you sure she wasn’t wearing the colours of Andorra or Chad or Colombia or Moldova or Venezuela or maybe just a combination of colours that she liked?
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    Non - Brexit

    It’s slightly more relevant than your disturbing fascination about my brothers or how I refer to my step daughter. As I said, you really should seek help.