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    Ryder Cup 2021

    I think it will be close .... maybe a situation where 14 points retains the Cup. The US team has issues, DeChambeau hand injuries while training for long-drive competition, Koepka and Morikawa carrying injuries as well, and some rookies. Not to mention Phil as a vice-captain! I like the...
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    Championship 21/22

    I really like what I am seeing, not only the wins but the way we are doing it. However, I have flashbacks to 2018 (20 points in first 10 games and then 10 points in the next 13 games). It turned around almost overnight. Not saying it will happen again, but I hope to see more solid...
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    Thoughts on today

    My favourite performance of the season. Stood up well to the vaunted Cardiff physicality, used our speed to neutralize them and the backline was solid. This ref let things flow for both sides, which made for a good tense competitive match. Compared to past two seasons, we look like we have...
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    That extract from Loft For Words is a keeper ............. I'm sure that we will have ample opportunity before the end of the season to use it, word for word, with only having to change the names to reflect some opponent or another.
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    My dad…

    Yeah, tough one Neil. My dad died at 98 years old in 2016. A few months earlier we were at the golf club to do a little putting and have a dog and a drink on the patio. Even in his decline, he still had time to comment on the Blue Jays or the Montreal Canadiens. The older I get, the more I...
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    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    Yes, a very nice team win, with everyone contributing. Exciting few minutes at the end, and Travers might have had his "maturation day", making some really good stops when we needed him. First half shows some real promise of things to come .... very confident. Worked as a unit, one player...
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    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    Running now ............. just in time for a nice goal. Only in-stadium sound, no commentary ..... kind of nice.
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    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    Stream not working for me either ....... just buffering. Email sent to club.
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    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    What's up? just over an hour to game time and no chatter on this thread?
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    Non - Bad driving

    LOL. In fact we had great weather .... just after the paralympics in 2012 and in BMTH before we went up to the Ryder Cup in 2014 (which was also good weather).
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    Non - Bad driving

    Not sure if the term"slip road" means the access (or on ramp) to the highway. Anyway, you have hit on one of my biggest peeves. Heavy traffic. A guy in the slow lane cuts over to the on ramp lane, typically crossing a solid white line, so he can move up ahead of a half-dozen cars before...
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    Non - Bad driving

    Driving while dead ....... a whole new concept ..........
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    96%!! :wahey: But that's in Cdn. dollars, so converted to pounds I would only be at 55% :(
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    Non - Bad driving

    Lots of really bad driving in Toronto, Def, not only some crazy stuff but also a lot of "below the speed limit" on the main highways. Makes for a really bad mix. I did call in a report to our Ontario Provincial Police a while back, some very aggressive street racing and rage. I do think it...