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    Alan Green. Non

    Clearly on my own but I used to enjoy him on 606. He knew his football as opposed to the likes of Robbie Savage, who has difficulty with the day of the week, and he did have proper bust ups with callers and made it interesting, not like nowadays with my opinion is better than yours Savage and...
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    Preston v AFC Bournemouth

    Poor result. Team yet again only put 45 minutes of real effort. Stanislas needs to learn to cross a ball. Awful.
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    Most Direct Championship Teams

    Agreed and like Arsenal we're either trying to fashion the perfect goal with 76 passes or offside. Usually resulting in 1 or 2 shots on target per game.
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    Carry on Covid - pre kick off match day experience.

    It was an odd experience, but I was pleased to be back last night. It's better than nothing! It felt like something out of 1984, A Clockwork Orange or HighRise, no orgies but a strict totalitarian regime with one way traffic and no go areas and worst of all no alcohol! I hope this is something...
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    It says shortly afterwards so probably shortly after the game has taken place.
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    Preston - The Verdict

    Not in the slightest, the majority of this season the oppostion fans have been saying the same about us despite us being crap for most of it. Happens sometimes. That's football.
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    Preston - The Verdict

    If I had to play with Rico behind me I'd have probaly asked not to play, the bloke was hamstrung from kick off. He was constantly having to cover for Diego who was out of postion for 90% of the game.
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    Match report v Birmingham

    Great report. The formation and team selection were perfect. Sad to say but I was really pleased to King dropped. I hope JT goes with this formation against Reading and Forest.
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    It's the old "Why don't we leave a player up defending corners?" question.

    I asked this queston some years ago. Apparently Pep started it at the beggining of his managerial career and because of the success stats of all 11 players staying back to defend many others have followed. Still don't like it though!
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    Papering over the cracks?

    A lot of football is dire at the moment, it's not just us. We were very good second half tonight and to be unbeaten after 8 games is superb. I don't think JT knows quite what his best formation and line up is. I think King has been poor so far but I guess he'll be playing on reputation and...
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    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    Like watching paint dry
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    91.5m v 2.5m

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    91.5m v 2.5m

    Summed it up perfectly RH. I write the odd match report on here and know how difficult it can be. Neil makes it look easy and we are thankful for that. His reports are excellent. The discussions we've all been part of are different and we all have our different viewpoint. Neil has had his...
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    Coventry City v AFC Bournemouth - Friday 7.45 pm

    It was a penalty all day long
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    91.5m v 2.5m

    I take your comment Neil on the same level as anything than automatic promotion will be a failure.