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    Eddie to Celtic?

    If Eddie came back to Bournemouth and we got promoted next season.... Wow !,Roy of the Rovers stuff !!!
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    How do you feel, right now?

    I think what makes our heartache different to that experienced by other teams that failed to get promoted is the fear of the unknown. Max leaving ? Managerial uncertainty ? Player fire sale ? Financial collapse ? Poor board decisions? If we had the infrastructure to match Brentford I would see...
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    The players are angry.

    Well said Liam !! There's no substitute for the feeling of confidence that a winning streak brings. Note to JW : if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it Pal
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    You are the boss.

    You can't do that. His performances this season justify his present standing as the No. 1 AFCB goalkeeper.
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    AFC Bournemouth v Brentford - 3 To Go!

    It was a chance for JW to study Brentford up close. So he kept his cards close to his chest and I doubt Brentford learnt much about us. Now hopefully JW will be better prepared to nullify their threats when / if we meet them in the playoffs. No new injury concerns, and a tactical regroup next...
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    We couldn't could we?

    Thung Klom-Tan Man 1 Thung Klom-Tan Man 1, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150, Thailand
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    Huddersfield Town v AFC Bournemouth - 6 To Go!

    Terrible substitution Danjuma for Stacey, too defensive and typical Woodgate
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    Huddersfield Town v AFC Bournemouth - 6 To Go!

    Why didn't Danjuma back heel that pass. He was unlikely to score and looked to be a selfish decision....
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    Huddersfield Town v AFC Bournemouth - 6 To Go!

    Billing seems to be loving it
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    AFCB vs Boro: Match Report

    Brilliant match report and thanks for taking the time to write it !! Full marks to the author
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    Match report against Swansea

    I for one would like to say how much I enjoy reading match reports. Even when or if I don't agree with how the author sees the match. I can only imagine how much time and commitment is required, but speaking as one who rarely gets the opportunity to watch the game, the effort is very much...
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    Management Timeline Exclusive

    Welcome back Neil ! You are still the voice of reason !
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    Thierry Henry

    Woodgate has got us winning games, but we are playing unattractive football. Henry might encourage a different high pressing sexy type of football ? But maybe we should ask ourselves what do we want ? Lose in style or grind out narrow wins. IMHO opinion Woodgate should be rewarded with a short...
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    Queens Park Rangers v AFC Bournemouth

    Begovic Smith, CCV, Kelly, R:cowboy:ico Pearson, Wilshere, Lerma Billing ( roaming number 10 ) Stanilas, Surridge Subs - Travers, Cook, Danjuma, Mepham, Brooks, Zemura, Requelme, Long What do you think ? Just for the record..... I haven't been interviewed
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    Bemoaning Bournemouth’s balance

    Love him or loath him, Billing had a good game against Burnley, occupying the No. 10 role. Surridge put in a shift too. What happened to rewarding players for their performances ? Surely these two should have been the first names on the teamsheet ? But have been the missing link with regards to...
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    Ben Pearson

    All your respective comments regarding Pearson are correct.... if only he was real ! Dont you lot realise that was Harry Arter with a false beard !
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    Eddie Mitchell latest

    I don't know who did the Groundworks.... a couple of guys working for G.Crooks were getting it ready, but they could have been on hire to someone else
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    Eddie Mitchell latest

    If you mean the new main car park, that was completed by Coastal Asphalts not M.A. Hart .... if that has any relevance....
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    Player Limericks

    Eddie played players that were lazy Signing Liverpool rejects was crazy He was guided by Harry Like committing Hari Kari But will the mess be cleared up by J.T ?
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    Brentford- The verdict.

    I wouldn't mind a go.... better than wearing a glove and pretending I with someone else