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  1. NornIron

    Supporter Numbers

    Inspired by the rather morbid task of having to cancel someone's season ticket after their passing, I wonder what the lowest existing supporter number is - you know, the one you have one your Season Ticket. My neighbour was in the 2700s and although I've been going for near 20 years I only...
  2. NornIron

    The end is nigh?

    By the weekend, Non-Pandemic could be > Non-Brexit To be honest, I wouldn't miss either of them!!
  3. NornIron

    Marvellous Marvin

    Bad day for sports fans. Hagler Hearns. If you haven’t seen it it’s one of the best ever.
  4. NornIron

    Squad numbers

    Announced tomorrow surely? Got a real actual game in less than 48 hours.
  5. NornIron

    I’m a short term supporter

    I realise that I’m a “short term” supporter and have been for 20 years. I’m madly happy tonight because we won. I get my joy from short term fixes rather than longer term positions like league finish. Plenty of people saying “yeah but wait until we play Watford and it matters” but im already...
  6. NornIron

    Charity auction / David Brooks

    Non ish? Last year’s club charity The Dorset Children’s Foundation will be auctioning off a signed David Brooks shirt. Signed by first team plus management and donated by sponsors. Having met the young lad I can safely say he’s a lovely fella. Down to earth, happy to be here and enjoying...
  7. NornIron

    Club being all crytpic on Twitter

    The club twitter account is going all cryptic. They've changed back to the old badge and posted -17.
  8. NornIron

    The story of cherry bear

    Strange request: does anyone know the history of cherry bear? Like, why a bear and when did we first get a bear? A journalist/author who came to a game last year hung out with me while I was another bear and they need some follow up info on Cherry. I was told a version of a story where we...
  9. NornIron

    Stevie G can eff right off! "Rangers sells itself but I tried to say to Jermain about where I was at that stage of my own playing career," said Gerrard. "For me it was about enjoyment. I asked Jermain if a relegation battle was right for him at this stage...
  10. NornIron

    last minute brighton tickets

    available online in small numbers for anyone with 1+ home point.
  11. NornIron

    Bear vs Billam

    You might have seen an advert in the Huddersfield programme and on the big screen about what's happening last season's bear. Since the bear's retirement from football it's feeling a bit left out. There's a new brown bear in town; the charity has a new ambassador..... it's all gone south for...
  12. NornIron

    View from the posh seats

    By a long and boring set of circumstances I was in the posh seats at city today. Some observations: 1) City make a fortune in hospitality. The Tunnel Club is just weird. But you can’t argue with the millions it brings in. They’ll make more on prawn sandwiches than we do on the whole ground...
  13. NornIron

    Accidental 3rd Kit reveal?

  14. NornIron

    Oi! Uddersfield.... give it back!

    Huddersfield new Umbro kit looks oddly familiar.
  15. NornIron

    Pub for England games?

    Hello. Not being one for supporting England I've never really gone to pubs to watch them. i have some work colleagues visiting from Belgium tonight who want to go watch the game. Where should I take them that won't be a total teeth pull? They are staying town centre and will be on foot...
  16. NornIron

    Facebook favour (charity vote)

    If any of you are Facebook types can you pop over to Wimborne Fire Stations Facebook page and vote 1 for The Dorset Children's Foundation. They are a club charity, owners of Dorsey the big yellow bear and all round nice folks...
  17. NornIron

    Best place for casual fan / author to meet fans

    Hello. The guy behind this ( is visiting our game tomorrow. He wants to chat to a few fans about AFCB as a community club. There was the old definition and does it mean anything now we are a premier league club. He's being interviewed for football focus and...
  18. NornIron

    FAO Dave Stone

    Dave - could you drop me a PM? I can't find your user name via search even though i know it's an obvious Dave Stone type one!!!! Thanks Norn
  19. NornIron

    Guardian article. QED! Neil - I hope they at least bought you a pint for your ghost writing?!
  20. NornIron

    Signed jersey stolen :-(

    Hello Just sharing this in case anyone spots something. The Dorset Children's Foundation (The Junior Cherries Charity of the Year) was raffling a signed 17/18 home jersey to raise some funds for their sick kids. It was on display in the Boscombe shop and today it got stolen. If anyone sees...