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  1. NWCherries98

    Winning Mentality

    I’ve never seen a team draw so many games and look like such a bunch of feckless losers. Haemorrhaging points like a fucking sieve. Never has the phrase “clutched defeat from the jaws of victory” been more applicable. It’s like trying to watch an amputee hop a marathon, only they cut their own...
  2. NWCherries98

    Bristol City Verdict

    We win from behind off of a behind. Solid performance against a team in form under a new manager. Huge 3 points. Lerma looks revitalised under woodgate. We seem to have simplified things in defence (overall). Utterly w*nk defending of crossing continued. CCV got to be in the plans for a...
  3. NWCherries98

    Playing Fine

    That’s all we need to do. We just need to put in average performances against the vast majority of these mid table teams, and we will most likely scrounge enough wins to finish top 6. It might sound arrogant but that’s the cold, hard truth. It’s what we were doing up until 2021 and we were...
  4. NWCherries98

    Jonathan Woodgate

    Set to be appointed first team coach? Retweeted by Mark McAdam...
  5. NWCherries98

    W*tford vs 'Muff: The Dirtiest Team?

    So looking for the views of our always rational, emotionally stable friends on the Hornets Nest forum, I couldn't help but notice that many seem to be a tad...aggrieved at our tactics in the game on Saturday. Some choice quotes include: - "Bournemouth are the dirtiest cheating team we have to...
  6. NWCherries98

    Three at the back

    I'm not going to write off 3 at the back just yet. I like that JT has put his own ideas onto the squad, we do look like a much more solid team, and we are also one of the highest scoring teams in the league at present (and unbeaten). Can't really have many complaints results-wise. However, with...
  7. NWCherries98

    Zemura & Ofoborh

    Hugely impressed with both of them in their two appearances so far. Especially Zemura who I’ll admit to not knowing much about beforehand. I think both could potentially improve the first team in the league if we start them. Would anyone really have a problem with them starting games sooner...
  8. NWCherries98

    A Very Salty Thread

    *WARNING* Extreme saltiness incoming. If only Sheffield United's equaliser had been correctly given as handball. If only Gosling didn't piss off all of the refs before Burnley If only Cookie hadn't handballed it vs Norwich If only we didn't completely sh*t the bed against 10 man for 80 minutes...
  9. NWCherries98

    Time to Lawyer Up!

    We’ve gone down because someone didn’t turn the technology on.
  10. NWCherries98

    Non - Oscars 2020

    For anyone that is interested in discussing hem, was nice to see the best film of the year actually win most of the awards. For anyone that hasn't seen Parasite I would thoroughly recommend it, one of the best films I've ever seen in my life tbh. Almost makes up for Green Book winning bets...
  11. NWCherries98

    Non - RIP Kobe

    Shocking news, pronounced dead after a helicopter crash with three others onboard, including his 13 yo daughter. I’m no basketball fan but one of the biggest sports stars of this century. RIP.
  12. NWCherries98

    Our U21s

    Maybe it’s just the standard of opposition they’re playing, but every week our youths just seem to be ruthlessly dunking on most of the teams they’re playing. Surely some of these lads must be properly knocking on the door of the first team soon? Or is it a case of our squads being category 2...
  13. NWCherries98

    Simpson & Mepham

    Seeing as this now might be the CB pairing of choice for December, it would be nice for the crowd to be a bit more supportive in the next home game. No one was happy to see Ake coming off, and it’s a tricky situation to manage, trying to sort the shape out against a team like Liverpool with two...
  14. NWCherries98

    The S*** Off

    Southampton. Watford. Two gash teams. One match. Who will be crowned the shittiest team in the Premier League? Watford have dented their chances by taking an early lead.
  15. NWCherries98

    Vitals Issue - Watch Bournemouth Streams?

    Sorry if there's already a thread on this somewhere, but today I've been noticing an issue on this site (on mobile and desktop). Right at the top of the page I keep seeing this "Watch Bournemouth Streams" pop-up thing, listing a bunch of videos to do with football. This will either push the rest...
  16. NWCherries98

    Team for Everton?

    Quite interested to see how we line up for the Everton game, given our current lack of form at the back, with certain key players out of sorts and out injured- but also some others potentially coming back from injury. Rico seems to have some kind of voodoo magic on his side keeping his...
  17. NWCherries98

    Team and Tactics for City

    The home game against City last season was one of the more controversial ones I can remember, because of our approach to the game; with the sitting back and the complete lack of any kind of offense throughout; even after conceding. Personally I didn't have a huge issue with our approach; I...
  18. NWCherries98

    Squad numbers

    Goalkeepers: [1] Artur Boruc (Age: 39) [12] Aaron Ramsdale (Age: 21) [27] Asmir Begovic (Age: 32) [42] Mark Travers (Age: 20) Defenders: [2] Simon Francis (Age: 34) [3] Steve Cook (Age: 28) [5] Nathan Ake (Age: 24) [11] Charlie Daniels (Age: 32) [15] Adam Smith (Age: 28) [17] Jack Stacey (Age...
  19. NWCherries98

    Favourite Premier League Goal?

    The premier league have an official youtube channel now, and they've been posting a bunch of videos on each clubs best goals in the league. Seeing as this forum is 80% old farts who love reminiscing, I was wondering what everyone's favourite goals were so far? I particularly love the last one...
  20. NWCherries98

    Youth Academy

    It's taken a while but is this the year when we'll finally start seeing the benefit from our academy in the Premier League? Simpson, regardless of whether they you think he's any good or not, has slowly been working himself into the team, and has racked up around 15 appearances for us since we...