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  1. Ivyhouse

    Non Premier League

    Early days yet but I’m liking the look of the table.
  2. Ivyhouse

    Non How long ?

    Before the Eddie to Arsenal threads start up again.
  3. Ivyhouse

    Season ticket prices

    Not getting a good press on Facebook
  4. Ivyhouse

    Anybody gone yet ?

    So it looks like the same crew will be returning for training then. No bids for our cash in the bank superstars. Danjuma, Billing, Lerma, Brooks, Kelly, Stan. Has CCV gone back yet ? Does Bego fancy another year in the Championship ? Other than last season I’ve not followed the fortunes of other...
  5. Ivyhouse

    Non - Manure from last night

    This is how the game should be played - not.
  6. Ivyhouse

    Non - Interesting piece about Schalke.

    Schalke's Bundesliga agony: Champions for four minutes & 38 seconds I remember a similar thing happening to Millwall some years ago.
  7. Ivyhouse

    Tickets for next season

    This might be a daft question but as nobody will have picked up any points this season will buying the £10 pass count as an attendance ? Of course if the playoffs go **************** up then I don’t think it will be a problem but if ? I’ll leave it there.
  8. Ivyhouse

    Today’s games

    With all the important stuff pretty much settled, after ours which result will we be looking out for ? I’m hoping Rotherham can get something out of Blackburn.
  9. Ivyhouse

    Non Southend. Thoughts from ex player

    Stan Collymore, yes him, had this to say about Southend.
  10. Ivyhouse

    Non cricket feed

    I’m trying to watch the last couple of hours of the Hants. game on my i pad but am being driven up the wall by subtitles. Does anyone know how to turn them off PLEASE ?
  11. Ivyhouse


    I’m not a golf fan but you don’t need to be to appreciate this.
  12. Ivyhouse

    Non cricket stream

    I know I’m a cheapskate but does anyone know a free stream for the IPL ?
  13. Ivyhouse


    I hadn’t noticed before but has he had a hair transplant ?
  14. Ivyhouse

    Non - Scottish sh*tface

    Is anybody else having trouble moving on from that disgraceful episode last year. Just seeing the little turd’s grinning face in the paper today makes me want to puke.
  15. Ivyhouse

    Non-ish. International break

    On a scale of 1-10 how shite is a Saturday during the international break ? I’ll give you 10.
  16. Ivyhouse

    Non Match of the Day

    :eek!:Just seen the shitebag’s haircut.
  17. Ivyhouse

    Old DC Supporters Club

    I wonder how many of us have got one of these.
  18. Ivyhouse

    Eddie Howe (edited to remove ‘non’)