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    Empty Seats

    Sorry Rob, take those rose tints off again. We are all the end users of this system and are the ones that have to deal with it's usability and functionality or not so are entitled to comment on it. Remember the customer is always right.
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    Is there something up with Jeff?

    The irony is he's probably the only one of our players that didn't get booked by that kunt Stroud!
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    Why are West Brom above us?

    I'm obviously being a bit thick but why are the Baggies shown as top of the league when we clearly have the same points and GD and goals for and against? Surely we should be above them on alphabetical order!
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    My dad…

    Big love to you and your family Neil.
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    Well done Fletch

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    That prat Stroud

    I concur, what a completely biased winker, as has been said; at every tackle a QPR player would fall over and he would give them a free kick and if they fouled one of our players he'd give them a free kick too. And book our player! How many yellows did he give us? How many minutes of added on...
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    QPR ticket available if anyone needs one

    They'll give a refund???????
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    Jordan Zemura

    And I would add Kilkenny to them.
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    Non - Social care

    I wonder who on here you could possibly be referring to? :unsure:
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    Non - House prices

    Hi Kudos, would you be happy to say which fund? I have a number of renewable (wind, solar and Hydrogen) ITs in my S&S ISA. I prefer the seeming transparency of ITs over funds. Happy to exchange tips off public. :) Back on topic, I have strongly believed UK house prices are well overdue a...
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    What is up with Reading?

    Went to that one, guessing '88?
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    Oh Dom

    I can't see anyone slaughtering him more a debate about whether the hat-trick chance should have been a penalty or not.
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    Morgan Rogers

    FFS we all know the difference in meaning of an option and an obligation, if we don't then we can go and look at a dictionary. With respect to Morgan is it an obligation or an option? My understanding is loan deals nearly always come with an option to buy but I don't think I've heard of them...
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    Sean Lock

    Like others, I had no idea he was ill. Very sad, very funny guy. RIP
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    Birmingham away

    Ok, you've got me, I've proof read that sentence over and again and can find nothing wrong!
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    AFC Bournemouth v West Brom

    This forum is never boring with you around Brian.
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    AFC Bournemouth v West Brom

    For at least year or so!
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    The Club's recommendation on face coverings

    I didn't record the game, was he wearing one then?
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    Sam Surridge

    It was a few minutes earlier (in the first half of the same game) not weeks.