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  1. NWCherries98

    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    I thought the crowd was the best it’s been in a long while. I think our mics are pretty shite for whatever reason.
  2. NWCherries98

    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    That's fair. I wouldn't either tbh, though it would be good to see how good JZ and JA are when not playing with each other at some point. I think both have suffered when Billing is missing too.
  3. NWCherries98

    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    If we're bothering to chop and change, which I wouldn't, then maybe something like: -------------Travers------------- Smith---Cahill---Kelly---Zemura ------Lerma------Kilkenny------ Brooks------Christie------Rogers -------------Solanke------------- Subs: Nyland, Mepham, Stacey, Marcondes...
  4. NWCherries98

    Championship 21/22

    We know better than most that having the best squad on paper means f*ck all in this league. Fulham are human like every other team in this league. Let’s see if any of these lot can maintain it after 25 games. Don’t be surprised if Sheff Utd win 4 on the bounce and are suddenly in the top 4...
  5. NWCherries98

    Lewis Cook

    I agree that while Pearson is inarguably one of the best players in his role in league, he doesn’t really seem to fit our current system that well. Might be proven wrong though.
  6. NWCherries98

    Lewis Cook

    He’s the sort of player that I think most managers at this level would want to try and build the team around on paper as a young core, along with players like Kelly and Solanke. Good news.
  7. NWCherries98

    Non - mental health and suicide

    That’s awful BC. We can never truly know what’s going on in peoples minds and how dark it can get. Thanks for posting these links.
  8. NWCherries98

    The youth - a first?

    Jordan Zemura winning POTM is a great statement by our youngsters, the academy and Parker for sticking with them so far.
  9. NWCherries98

    Ryan Christie

    I think this’ll be a fantastic signing. Seems very excited to be here specifically, not just here as in “might be a premier league club soon”. It makes a difference. Normally I’d be against bringing in loads of players at once, but this squad really did need a shakeup to get rid of the malaise...
  10. NWCherries98

    Squad numbers

    Squad numbers are fun. I think they can also give a lift when a player is given a “better” number, it can reflect a better position in the squad. On paper at least lol, not really worked for Brooks.
  11. NWCherries98

    Ryan Christie

    He’ll probably up his game playing at THE vitality.
  12. NWCherries98

    Kyle Taylor

    Could it be argued that KT was one of the final youth players from the pre-PL era academy improvements? Other than special cases like Surridge, Cornick (elsewhere) and arguably Simpson, no one has really broken through for us but have mostly gone on to have solid L2-1 careers so far; players...
  13. NWCherries98

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    MGW is a very good player, but getting Christie in permanently is probably the better deal. Squad certainly taking a bit more shape now!
  14. NWCherries98

    Jamal Lowe

    Stats aren’t all that impressive but he definitely caught my eye a couple of times in terms of the types of goals he scored, so am more than happy with this.
  15. NWCherries98

    Billing and Brooks on their way?

    I’d have thought that would be players like Taylor, Glover, Camp etc.
  16. NWCherries98

    A few thoughts on today

    Probably just echoing what everyone else has been saying, and this will probably stray into “thoughts on the season so far territory” but: - We did actually miss Kilkenny imo, which is testament to both how well he’s played and how well he fits Parker’s system. Did we have a single diagonal...
  17. NWCherries98

    A few thoughts on today

    It feels like every fan has been saying this for years now, and yet multiple managers have passed on trying it out. You’d think with a formation using 2 attacking midfielders that Parker would be inclined to give it a go.
  18. NWCherries98

    Hull City v AFC Bournemouth

    I can’t keep up with this; are we comparing this season to last season? :grinning:
  19. NWCherries98

    Hull City v AFC Bournemouth

    Kelly, Mepham, Nyland, Solanke and Pearson were fine I guess, not great. Stacey, Brooks, Lerma and Marcondes were awful. Anthony was ineffective but the first time he’s looked this way. Still tracking back and trying to be a nuisance. Zemura had a good game imo. Generally pants display; on...
  20. NWCherries98

    Clock is ticking …

    Hearing some shiz about Lerma potentially going out on loan to a PL club. WaTCh thIs sPAce.