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    Non Sunday afternoon gig The Producers Wimborne

    Sun 12th Sept - The Producers ( Afternoon gig - 4pm start) The Taphouse, West Borough, Wimborne, Dorset. Every now and then we play a small pub type gig just to remind ourselves of where we originally built up our loyal following and to practice/play different songs. There's often surprises, not...
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    Don Everly RIP

    Don Everly sadly passed away . The oldest of the two bothers the greatest duo in Rock history. RIP
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    Solent fans forum

    Tonight Adan Blackmore hosted a phone in Saints fans forum. Pompey have already had theirs. I wonder if there is a possibility of a Cherries one at some time?
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    Non Some Western memories

    Of course not pc now.
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    Ian Cox AFCB Podcast Really enjoyed listening to Ian. Lovely man. Fully deserved his ovation when he came back with Burnley and when we visited Burnley in the Premier League.
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    Another BOTN gem to celebrate 70/71

    Because of Line of Duty a little bit out of the habit of BOTN on a Sunday so only just caught up with another gem to celebrate the promotion of 70/71. Features Keith Miller and our very own Neil Vacher naturally plugging his excellent book available from the club shop. Once again sat watching...
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    Non Peter Green Tribute Concert

    Just finished watching the blue ray dvd of the concert. Excellent. Double cd to follow in due course. Full credit to Mick Fleetwood for organising the concert a real treat for blues fans.
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    Talking Cherries

    In today's Echo there is an article about Talking Cherries a fan led mental health support scheme which I think I have read about before. One of the support workers mentioned is Tom Jordan who many will know from BOTN particularly the players rating shows. There is a dedicated website...
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    BOTN Interview Series

    Danny Hollands was on last night and he was excellent. Came across extremely well. A hero from our points deduction era and whilst watching I thought there was genuine love for the players of that era, mistakes and all, unlike some of the All Stars from the Premier League era. Well worth a watch.
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    Murray Walker RIP

    Reported on BBC website Murray Walker has passed on. The voice of F1 aged 97. I thought he lived somewhere locally but could be wrong. RIP.
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    BOTN Tony Pulis

    Another enjoyable Sunday night's viewing with the BOTN team. I nodded and smiled along with Neil. Really enjoyable wander down memory lane and up to date. Thanks again Tony and the BOTN team.
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    NON New radio station for the Golden Oldies BOOM radio

    Boom radio (Baby Boomers especially for Republican) has started broadcasting for the Golden Oldies in selected DAB areas across the country. Unfortunately not down here yet but it is loud and clear on an internet radio, laptop and I assume fancy phones and smart speakers for those who support...
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    Anti fan car parking Dean Court Area

    In today's Echo BCP Council have announced new match day (and evening games) parking restrictions in Thistlebarrow Road and Kings Park Drive for 3 hours before and after kick off. The "excuse" is "these measures are required to facilitate the passage of traffic. AFC Bournemouth will undertake...
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    BOTN Shaun Teale special

    Jeff and Neil go down memory lane with Shaun Teale. Fully deserves legend status a member of my all time team. Thank you lads and thank you Shaun.
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    End of year thank you's

    Obviously the NHS staff, the shop workers, the delivery teams and often neglected the Armed Forces always there in case of need by the Nation. Closer to home often the subject of many a moan and groan but a thank you to the AFCB ticket/media support team in organising the viewing of the games...
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    Jason Tindall on Back of the net Fully deserves a thread in its own right. Well deserved praise for the BOTN team and Cherries Trust for hosting the event and Jason for embracing the opportunity to talk openly and honestly to fans representatives. Both sides grew into...
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    Back of the net podcast episode 100

    Somewhere on here this morning I found reference to this edition : Once again very well worth watching hosted by Sam with a nice guest appearance from Sean (son of Geoff Barker) complete with New Zealand accent plus Jeff and our own greatly missed Neil. Congratulations to all involved.
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    Non Poppy Appeal/AFCB

    In the good old days someone used to come round the houses or there was a tray on every shop counter to sell poppies for the British Legion annual appeal. Sadly like so many other things fallen away although I did see Bernie Morton at a British Legion table in Asda's lobby at Castlepoint last...
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    MOTD. EFL?

    I seem to recall a FL programme on C5 but is there any form of programme for the FL these days?
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    Sensible feet on the ground discussion

    BOTN post Everton/end of season discussion. Thanks Sam for the podcasts over the season. Thank you Jeff and Neil for your contributions.