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  1. New Forest Cherry

    Prediction League 2021/22

    cardiff 2 cherries 1
  2. New Forest Cherry

    Cardiff City v AFC Bournemouth

    like one of those minimum height thingies at a theme park only with the bar set at about 6'2".....
  3. New Forest Cherry

    That prat Stroud

    if that's true (the first bit) he shouldn't be let within a million miles of our games kind of explains how over-compensationarily awful he was
  4. New Forest Cherry


    based on your performance for 75 minutes, no chance playing for free kicks and corners only gets you so far in this league should have been 3-0, game over 3 points without getting out of second gear and overly defensive at the end parker needs to learn from the last 15 mins, kill the game by...
  5. New Forest Cherry

    Sam Surridge

    two bad misses and two great saves from the barnsley keeper, the same keeper that had a horror show on saturday [and half the stoke bench sent off, classy club that]
  6. New Forest Cherry

    Arnaut Danjuma

    I'm more than happy we cashed in when we did, tbh
  7. New Forest Cherry

    Empty Seats

    or have available a system whereby you can resell your ticket if you've unable to attend, like, er, twickets....?
  8. New Forest Cherry

    Empty Seats

    what's happened to twickets?
  9. New Forest Cherry

    That prat Stroud

    scrap that forgot about matey who kicked out at smithy the last time that was only a yellow was when norman hunter kicked franny lee about 50 years ago.....
  10. New Forest Cherry

    That prat Stroud

    set the tone of ineptitude early doors when he booked zemura for pulling back their player moments after being scythed the same player completely lost control in the second half we could only conclude he had the score draw on his acca
  11. New Forest Cherry

    Prediction League 2021/22

    cherries 1 qpr 1
  12. New Forest Cherry


    his recent laboured analysis of the goals conceded when cookie was playing last season was a big red flag the latest in a long list of bete noire he was losing the plot time to go and have a nice lie down
  13. New Forest Cherry

    Non Emma Raducanu

    thanks for that, I actually thought the line judges were sitting inside those holes at the ends of the court and somehow contacting the umpire electronically....:slap:
  14. New Forest Cherry

    Negativity on this board

    not a personal attack, just observations on your, often, binary views no, I didn't read your blackpool report, was it set homework or something? improvements, as you asked; we need to find a way to "get out" that doesn't involved passing the ball to a fullback stood near our corner-flag...
  15. New Forest Cherry

    Negativity on this board

    you're very right, that's bloody rich coming from you for negativity, read realism, we were decent but barnsley were as poor a side as i've seen at this level, reminiscent of that bolton home game and your usual hyperbole [don't know why people bother turning up etc] does nothing for your...
  16. New Forest Cherry

    Joshua King

    WTAF...... :rofl:
  17. New Forest Cherry

    Barnsley - The verdict.

    didn't think Pearson was very effective today, especially in the first half lost many of those 50/50 battles where he's normally dominant and spent a lot of time chasing back towards our goal improved second half but by then barnsley had pretty much given up
  18. New Forest Cherry

    AFC Bournemouth v Barnsley

    because it's rubbish.....
  19. New Forest Cherry

    Prediction League 2021/22

    cherries 1 barnsley 2
  20. New Forest Cherry

    Lewis Cook

    is that the defensive midfield role? just doesn't quite do it for me pearson is better