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  1. tedisking

    Non....Dover FC

    Just looking at the non league tables, poor old Dover bottom on minus 12 a £40 k fine....all because they took the decision to not fulfil their fixtures last season because of covid. I accept other clubs soldiered on through, but when will the financial problems catch up with...
  2. tedisking

    Season ticket

    Arrived today :party:
  3. tedisking


    Just a heads up for anyone watching the series been showed all this week, the last episode due tonight has been is now being shown on ITV hub, but only for a short while
  4. tedisking

    Karen Carney

    For all fans of hers out there.....she's doing the cup draw tonight...:grinning:
  5. tedisking


    Things getting back to normal ?......Millwall fans booing ..take the knee
  6. tedisking

    FA cup ...13.30 ko

    Games on now .....Shrews v Oxford city....Charlie Daniels Marc Pugh playing Steve Cotterill manager
  7. tedisking

    Well done Coventry and QPR

    Missed this on Friday, both sides decided not to ..."take the knee " ....wondered how long it was going to go on for.....perhaps now it will be eased out.....lost its impact. clap for carers started to lose its meaning.
  8. tedisking

    Troy Deeney

    What a bloody brilliant interview
  9. tedisking

    A lift ?

    For the team, if Liverpool can win by 3 goals or more tonight at West Ham we step out of the bottom 3 :utc:
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  11. tedisking

    Thank you

    For last night.....the crowd who got behind the team and Eddie right from the start, the roar for the first goal really had the hair on the back of my neck stand up.........and to all the players ,after a nervy start really knuckled down and showed some spirit, let's face it as fans that's all...
  12. tedisking

    Neil Shipperley

    Always said he was a complete w@nker ;)
  13. tedisking


    Not looking like it will be the best time to play manager by Saturday ?
  14. tedisking

    3 sides worse than us ?

    When this was mentioned somewhere on here at the start of the season, I seem to remember various trio's being mentioned......asked this in the pub before yesterday's game, and there was a silence and a couple of mumbles of none in particular. ........going to be a long 2nd half of the season...
  15. tedisking

    Albert Keetley .....RiP

    Posting this for a friend of mine, his father in law Albert passed away last weekend. He played 80 plus games for Boscombe in the 50s, a tough tackling full back RiP
  16. tedisking

    Callum to start ?

    Doubtful I know, but been said none of the Champions league starters will be in the initial lineup,so could be an opening ? and if Ake was to play would make it even more interesting
  17. tedisking

    Non....Rhino poacher

    Trompled to death by elephant then remains eaten by lions........after reading all the doom and gloom on here.....something to make me smile :lol:
  18. tedisking


    On his way out ?
  19. tedisking

    Robbie Savage

    What an annoying tw@t he really is
  20. tedisking

    Non - Netflix

    Any one that has Netflix, I can highly recommend. .Sunderland til I die... 8 episodes spanning over last season.......Grabban, Lee Camp and Marc Wilson, in a few of the episodes. .....binged on it over two nights.