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  1. james_AFCB

    Empty Seats

    Lots of empty seats tonight despite another sell out. Club really need to work on an easy way for ST holders to release their seats when they can’t attend. Areas of the family sections look to be less than 50% full in places, not necessarily surprising on a week night - surely the club could...
  2. james_AFCB


    Are we going to have any this year? I appreciate the manager might want some say as to the quality of opposition, but leave it too late and there will won’t be any teams left available to play! Especially given we’re likely going to be limited to domestic opposition. Would have thought we’d...
  3. james_AFCB

    2021/22 Championship Winner Odds

    Initial odds out for next year. Joint 3rd favourites with Sheff Utd....
  4. james_AFCB

    Will we make the play offs?

    The eternal optimist in me has always assumed that we’d make the play offs at a minimum, and the real question would be whether we’d make the top two. Now with the chasing pack picking up some form it seems even the play offs could be in doubt. Barnsley are unbeaten in 5 with a game in hand -...
  5. james_AFCB

    Easter Weekend TV Fixtures

    Anyone know when they’re released? And what the format is (I.E any games Friday and the number that will be shown in total?)
  6. james_AFCB

    Stream for today....?

  7. james_AFCB

    AFCB's finances

    ...what do we do with it? Let’s be honest, it’s completely unexpected and no doubt not planned for. 6 months ago we’d have taken £5m for Mings and there was talk of a season long loan somewhere for Mousset. So do we.... A) Use it to pay for the training ground? B) Go get Butland? C) Reinvest in...
  8. james_AFCB

    Parking Today

    Anyone ever parked up at Lewes and got the train in from there?
  9. james_AFCB

    Radio stream online for today’s game

    Anywhere I can find it? Can tune in to solent but the main game is the scummers today....
  10. james_AFCB

    Support Today

    Felt like the old days. Decent noise considering the numbers, very little moaning considering the situation and run we’re on, and support for the team throughout, even after going behind. Stand wherever you want and most faces the same you used to see week in week out at places like Rotherham...
  11. james_AFCB

    Everton Away

    Is anyone actually going? Looks like we’ve sold about 400. Lowest ever away attendance for us....?
  12. james_AFCB

    Stream Tonight

    Anyone know if there will be one?
  13. james_AFCB

    Any spares for Watford?

    Change of circumstances means I can now make Watford on Saturday, anyone have any spare tickets?!
  14. james_AFCB

    Huddersfield Stream

    Any ideas for someone not in the country? Annoyingly I have BT sport on my phone but can’t watch it as I’m not in the UK. Any help appreciated!
  15. james_AFCB

    When Smith is back....

    ...and assuming Cook isn’t out for too long, does he make his way back into the team or do we keep with Fraser at wing back? Could argue that Fraser is slightly wasted in that position, but equally I can’t see how either Ibe or Stanislas can be dropped on current form to accommodate him further...
  16. james_AFCB

    Chelsea at Home

    Massively clutching at straws here, but whilst having a quick browse of the Everton forum I stumbled across Chelseas fixture list (Everton have them in the League Cup). Wednesday 18th Roma at home Monday 23rd Watford at home Wednesday 25th Everton at home Saturday 28th Bournemouth away...
  17. james_AFCB

    Brighton Stream

    Anyone know of any? Given I am abroad will Bet365 show it?
  18. james_AFCB

    QPR Squad Strength

    Anyone any idea whose travelled? Going to make a last minute decision on whether to go but want to make sure there is a decent squad before committing.
  19. james_AFCB

    1 x Southampton Ticket For Sale

    Had someone pull out last minute, 1 ticket available at face value. Can exchange in Southampton either near the ground or in the Yates beforehand.
  20. james_AFCB

    1 x Southampton Ticket For Sale

    Had someone pull out last minute, 1 ticket available at face value. Can exchange in Southampton either near the ground or in the Yates beforehand.