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    Non - Fever Pitch.

    BBC 2 Monday 6th September; "How our beautiful game became a billion pound business !" Maybe of interest to see how the PL conducted itself into the brand it has become.
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    Non-solar eccilpse

    Tommorow AM there is a partial eclipse of the sun between approx 10 am and 12.30. At its highest at 11.10am. The predicted % is from 29 to 50%. Just in case anyone wonders why it's suddenly become darker than normal. Ps .doubt it will be noticeable but just in case.
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    Non-Jordan Henderson VAR

    Just watched remains of BBC's final score..Interviews with managers over disputed penalty Brighton v Liverpool,then Jordan Henderson asked (in a nutshell) "do players want to scrap Var," answered "Yes ,players don't know what's going on ,the rules keep changing" Don't know how to do links...
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    How the heck do Derby county get televised games two Friday nights in a row?Tonight(friday)they were at home v. Watford's, next Friday they are on Sky away at Forest.
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    Sweet Caroline

    Didnt hear the run out music but certainly played after game.I know many on here hate SC as do I ,it's too namby-pamby ,turn over and rub my tummy!Got to bring back Power ,means we mean business,also the tingle it sends up the spine especially on night games gets us up and ready for a battle to...