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    Ryan Fraser

    I know he's been having problems but... Moment cocaine addict drags mother from her car before driving away with her children in the back | Daily Mail Online
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    Brentford v Swansea

    One nil Brentford. Penalty from a Mbeuno dive. Classy Brentford players trying to get Woodman(?) a red.
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    Lampard sacked?

    He will be today according to the MailOnline .
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    Cheltenham v Man City

    Why is the BBC bothering to show this game? There is absolutely no doubt what the result will be. City will presumably play their academy players and still win easily. And if by some miracle Cheltenham score or are holding on for a draw Pep will just stick on DeBruyne and Sterling. Complete...
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    Non - Gordon Haskell

    I can't say I was a big fan but I do feel his passing is worth a mention. Born in Verwood, briefly a member of King Crimson, bass player in Fleur De Lys and finally found success late in life with surprise hit How Wonderful You Are.
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    Interview with Eddie Howe
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    Total market value

    According to Transfermarkt AFCBs total market value is £308.48 million, which is higher than a lot of other clubs including Southampton, Watford, BHA, Newcastle, Villa and Wolves. Anyone know why?
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    If this young team needs an experienced creative midfielder who would you pick?

    Realistically. Obviously, as we already have Brooks and Cook, I've no idea whether EH wants one or if we can afford one. But we do seem to need a leader on the pitch.
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    AFCB on NowTv

    For anyone who, like me, doesn't have Sky sports you can get a week pass on Nowtv for £14.99 which'll include the games against Everton and Southampton, plus 3 or 4 other pl games and the last couple of days of the Ashes. Pretty good value, I think.