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    What The Foxtrot? - Non

    You think you’ve heard everything and then something comes along and slaps you round the mush with a wet kipper …… How would you like to have your ashes pressed into a vinyl disc so you can send your loved ones a message from the grave? :censored::rolleyes:
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    Useful Apps - Non

    While we’re waiting for the first incoming player to exchange views about, has anyone got any tips or recommendations for apps that they find particularly useful or helpful? About a year ago I downloaded the app ‘RainToday’ which is the one that the F1 teams use to plan for when wet weather is...
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    New Manager Fred Thread Instead

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    Play Off’s Memories

    10th May 2003 Bury v AFCB - Play Off Semi First Leg On our way to the Millennium Stadium final, we played Bury away at Gigg Lane in the first leg of the play off semi’s. A mostly uninspiring 0-0 draw where we played the second half against 10 men following a red card for Bury defender Jamie...
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    Oh Dear ....... ‘arry Redders

    Going to ‘star’ in Eastenders ...... “Oi, you numpty ......... get ya ‘arris outta there f’sure”
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    8 In A Row

    The other one ......
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    Just Leaving

    Jeepers, it’s a tad chilly this morning .... good job I decided to bring my fleece. Ok, do I need the sat-nav? Of course I don’t - I’ve been to Carrow Road so many times the route is imprinted on my brain. Hang on though, it’ll count down the miles to destination so yeah, I’ll put it on. A...
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    Reading Forum - hobnob.royals

    You’ve got to smile at the Reading supporters. While a decent majority seem to accept that their season might be closing down around them, you then get one who writes this ..... ‘The Royal Foresters’ I think it is a conspiracy. The Premier League don't want us! They know we are too good for...
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    Sunday Funday - If Life Was This Easy ...

    And instead of transfers, how about a photoshop window where we create our own players ...
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    April 3rd - Kenwyne Day

    I make no apologies for mentioning this ...... the point that made a whole load of difference. What an away day that was. Ipswich 1 - 1 AFCB
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    Reading / AFCB Run-In Games

    Following the Reading result tonight, looking at the run-in of games there’s a glimmer of hope that we might just be able to make the play-offs. Reading Games QPR (h) Barnsley (a) Derby (h) Watford (a) Cardiff (h) Luton (a) Swansea (h) Norwich (a) Huddersfield (h) AFCB Games Middlesbrough...
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    Football On TV

    Thought this might be of interest to some: ‘Live Football on TV’ lists all games that are due to be shown live and has filters for viewing by Competition, Team, TV Channel etc. Here’s the link: .
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    I Miss The Away Days - Bloody Pandemic!

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I bloody miss the away days. Getting up early on a Saturday morning, invariably it was starting to get chillier towards the end of September. Showered and ready, out the door to the car that’s waiting, preferring to drives myself. First job was to stop and...
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    Players Wages & Transfer Fees

    We were talking recently about transfer fees and player wages, while the world is in the midst of the current pandemic and Mrs 4ers came out with something which I have to say, had some morality about it. Arsenal are just about to sign Willian on a free transfer admittedly, but as there’s no...
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    Non - Hairy!

    If the barbers don’t open soon, I’ll be looking like this ....
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    Non - Kenny Rogers RIP

    Passed away last night
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    8 y.o. Pens New Cherries Song ......

    Anyone heard of it?
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    Non - Harry

    Reached new highs in his life then ..... Surprised he didn’t get Crouchie, Bond and Jordan to be there as well.
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    Goal Net

    If you hurry, you can be the lucky owner of one of the ‘limited edition’ piece of goal net as used at the ground last season ..... all for the price of ..... <<-ahem->> £40.
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    CALM Eddie

    Is Eddie is only one step away from playing ‘My Sweet Lord’ at training?