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  1. adam0102

    Sentimental journey...

    Doesn't this just sum up lower league football perfectly? "For well over 30 years I’ve supported York City with varying degrees of enthusiasm or indifference that have almost always led me to miss the occasional achievements and witness long periods of mediocrity" Brilliant
  2. adam0102

    Cardiff City v AFC Bournemouth

    Billy, are you saying that a Mick McCarthy side launches the ball up to big men in the box? Hold the front page! :eek!::grinning:
  3. adam0102

    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    Thanks Matt, so did Zemura's shot that was pushed round by the keeper not rate much?
  4. adam0102

    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    Torquay taunting us as "dirty northern bastards" was a personal highlight
  5. adam0102

    Jordan Zemura

    Showing your age there!
  6. adam0102

    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

  7. adam0102

    That prat Stroud

  8. adam0102

    Well done Fletch

    If true, that’s appalling. Surely the away section has loads of police by it, hopefully someone’s been nicked?
  9. adam0102

    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    Brilliant commitment from Dom there
  10. adam0102

    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    4 mins….
  11. adam0102

    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

  12. adam0102


    With the scores so far you'd make Hants favourites but at 57-1 Notts are making a decent fist of 250 to win. Need some wickets....
  13. adam0102

    Non - Bad driving

    The voice of experience, John??
  14. adam0102

    Demarai Gray - Latest

    Never should have…….not bid for him
  15. adam0102


    There were a couple from here on there, andysith for one. A fun way to while away a working day
  16. adam0102


    Late 90’s, early 00’s
  17. adam0102


    Were you on the AWAG board? That was fun, fans of AFCB, QPR, Millwall, Tranmere, Port Vale et al spending their working days arsing about on the internet and occasionally meeting up at games
  18. adam0102

    AFC Bournemouth v Barnsley

    Spot on, it was essential that this happened. In all honesty, I think the cliques had started to develop during Howe's tenure and one of his issues was that he was unable to stop them, which meant disharmony and poor performances in the last 18 months of his time. It must be difficult; our...
  19. adam0102

    Sporting achievements. Non

    It's an interesting point, David. I have to say, I hadn't picked up that mongrel was particularly offensive but I see that is within the definition in several dictionaries. Other alternatives include hybrid, but that sounds like a plant or a car. Polyethnic sounds quite good to me?
  20. adam0102

    AFC Bournemouth v Barnsley

    Did you go down and place a bet?