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  1. Garbo

    Non - Solheim Cup

    Europe have got it in the hole to beat the yanks in their own back yard....and local lass Georgia Hall on board too....great sporting stuff !
  2. Garbo

    Dave Provan (who??)

    ....Is this guy for real? we are talking a scottish footballer here??
  3. Garbo


    Benn watching Deadline day transfer stuff..talking and constantly repeating the ‘big’ glut of signings that is Ronaldo and the big non transfer of Mbappe…what self gratuitous tosh!…only the Peterborough part owner was entertaining!…anyone alive not know that CR7 has rejoined that team from...
  4. Garbo

    NON -Greed in the game

    I think that Kane's stand off with Spurs shows what a mess the game has gotten into.. Players are happy to sign improved contracts with better pay etc..then try and challenge those very same contracts by effectively going on strike! I understand that players want the whole cake and to eat it...
  5. Garbo

    Non Mike Hendrick

    ...sad news to hear of his passing away ...some of us will remember his steaming in to bowl for England RIP
  6. Garbo

    Non Olympic Street Skateboarding

    …medals for playing in the park?…
  7. Garbo

    Non Emma Raducanu

    Amazing young talent for British women’s tennis…well done to her (BBC young SPOTY sorted!)
  8. Garbo


    …quite like the Swedish striker who is at Real Sociadad…reckon we should take a closer look at him?
  9. Garbo

    Do we think that our board read this forum?

    ...surely they must to get some feel for what fans think or care about...especially when it comes to appointing the manager etc?
  10. Garbo

    Play offs

    Have to say the play offs are a great way to end the season...looks a top day out at Wembley in the sunshine today and the League Two sides are putting on a decent show IMO
  11. Garbo

    Good luck today team!

    Just want to post a good luck thread for the boys...we are with you all the way
  12. Garbo

    Players who went on to manage?

    Been thinking are we the club that has had the most managers who have played for their own clubs? I can recall from my last 50 years of supporting: Treveor Hartley John Benson Harry Redknapp Tony Pulis Mel Machin Sean O'Driscoll Lee Bradbury Kevin Bond Jimmy Quinn Shaun Brooks Eddie Howe Jason...
  13. Garbo

    Biscuits crumble

    Oh dear....
  14. Garbo

    New back of shirt sponsor

    Apparently we are having this on the back of our shirts for our last four matches.... anyone tell me is this Dave Wells Properties? I do recall Dave Wells from my distant past and well what a rise if true?
  15. Garbo

    Our promotion history...

    twice runners up.... twice Champions... ONE Play-Off final win need to make that more symetrical! Okay okay....last 40 years then! :)
  16. Garbo

    Last nights Championship game

    ...anyone watch Rovrum v Cov? pretty poor stuff and Rov were awful...but did notice that Robins always left two up when defending corners and this caused a few problems for the home side, I quite liked the idea, but doubt that Woody will be that maverick on Saturday! I quite like Mark Robins...
  17. Garbo

    Charmless Man

    ...I have witnessed some graceless and begrudging oppo managers in my time of supporting AFCB...but Dyche is the worst, having now overhauled the likes of Keith Hill and Andy Hessenthaler who previoulsy had been absolute classless jerks with their comments about us! He looks to me like a...
  18. Garbo

    Non Leeds United

    Obviously not a lover of Lids...but they are good to watch with their pressing style and attacking speed..Bielsa has a good method of setting them up and getting the players performing well
  19. Garbo


    ...I am guessing that no programmes will be on sale?...although I hope that the Store might be open but wonder how fans will be controlled to use it probably will be closed. If anyone knows the answers to these questions, I would be grateful...
  20. Garbo

    Non Villa justice?

    ....Grealish at it again with a theatrical dive to get a player sent off....then Trezuget for a penalty.....karma IMO, just a pity it was against the Seaweeds!