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  1. AlGard

    Barnsley - The verdict.

    Bang tidy that wasn't it? Back off Leicester trying to tap up Zamura. Roll on Tuesday. Top of the league.
  2. AlGard


    Last time an AFCB left back scored 2 in a game? Super Ultra quiz.
  3. AlGard

    36 years on.

    I remember this game so vividly. 3=0 up in 9 minutes. Colin Clarke's home debut and a hat trick. We gave both Bristol clubs a right mauling this season.
  4. AlGard

    Non - Slow news day.

    Not sure why I ever read the Echo website, but now I understand. Fully expect SKY News to pick on this and report live from the scene.
  5. AlGard

    Cardiff train advice.

    Obviously been a while since I have been back in the UK, and even longer since going to an away game by train. The price I have found for Bournemouth to Cardiff is £65. Is that the going rate, or am I missing out on discount ticket sites? Thanks in advance.
  6. AlGard

    Disappointing night

    Only 2-0 at Birmingham. Usually a lot more.
  7. AlGard

    Der Bomber.

    Gerd Muller has passed away. RIP. No matter your national choice, he was brilliant.
  8. AlGard

    Just got back.

    Where is this thread? Been a while.
  9. AlGard


    What an atmosphere. Good luck to them.
  10. AlGard

    Financial update.

    Those who know will understand what this is about.
  11. AlGard

    The 4 line season preview.

    Same as last season I have contacted friends (mainly ex military) to give a 4 line (ISH) mini preview on their thoughts for their own team this coming season. WBA and Sheff Utd previews were done by friends of friends as I have no contacts with allegiance to either. Some previews I got in...
  12. AlGard

    Non - Boscombe cider festival

    Looks good.
  13. AlGard

    Non - Local golfers beware.

    Watch your watch.
  14. AlGard

    Chelsea stream.

    Free to all.
  15. AlGard

    Non - AFCB fans who own pubs away from home.

    Just seen on twitter, AFCB fan Brennan Joyce has just been made Manager of The Guildhall Tavern in Pompey. Around 150 yards down from Portsmouth and Southsea station. Used to be The Yorkshire Gray in my Navy days, and always had some good ale in there. Hoping to pop in when over in October...
  16. AlGard

    Tuesday titter.

    The Queen once bought Prince Charles a fox fur hat but he never wore it. One day Charles said to her I’m going to Cannock tomorrow to open a new civic centre. The queen said wear the fox hat. Charles said up in the midlands by Wolverhampton!
  17. AlGard

    RIP Paul Mariner

    Just 68. RIP
  18. AlGard

    Semi Final Facts Competition.

    There are two facts in each semi final tie. But which ones. Results around 6. England v Denmark. 1. The Danish Viking Sweyn Forkbeard, and his son Canute the Great, were the kings not only of Denmark but of Shetland, Orkney and parts of England. 2. Horatio Nelson called the Danes "The...
  19. AlGard

    Would be AFCB's greatest name if true.
  20. AlGard

    Jason Kerr.

    Hope there is truth in this one.