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    ‘You’re such a bedwetter.’ ‘You need to clean your sheets.’ hehehehehe I’ve had it with this place. Try my best to engage in discussion and to offer my opinions/analysis only to be met by regular constant name calling and condescending remarks. Fed up of having to reply to posters who’s only...
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    Negativity on this board

    I know that many of you may see this as rich coming from me, but I am genuinely astounded at the amount of negative perspectives being taken on the performance today. So far I have read comments such as: -we were slow and predictable -the coaching staff acted as though they were coaching an...
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    FAO Istabraq

    Thought your ‘sources’ deserved a thread of their own. -Tindall will not be sacked, not a chance. Few days later: Tindall sacked -Woodgate will be the manager next season, regardless of what league we are in. Few weeks later: Bye bye Woodgate -There is no money to spend, loans and frees...
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    48 hours that will determine our season

    Genuinely believe this will be the most important end to a transfer window in recent memory. Signing a number eight who can create and another genuine striking option to compete with Dom could very well be the difference between a mid table finish or a genuine push towards the top of the table.
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    A few thoughts on today

    Thought I’d share a few thoughts about the performance today and the general state of the squad: -this performance can be summed up by three words, the first one is ‘possession.’ Unfortunately the second 2 are ‘without substance.’ The amount of safe possession we had in our own half today (and...
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    An analysis of today

    Not really in the mood to write a report as such today, but thought that I would like to dissect the performance and try to reason as to why it didn’t quite go our way today. So here you go: Lack of experience/nous: I’ll start off with an obvious one. Our younger players are clearly immensely...
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    F*****g heroic

    Ibsen Rossi. Zemura. Anthony. That is all.
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    Birmingham away

    Does anybody know if it will be streamed on AFCB tv?
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    Supporters coaches

    Anybody know if the club are sending any to Forest?
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    Battling Bournemouth hold their own against Baggie bruisers

    So here we are, a new season and a new era. The first test for Parker and his back room team could hardly have been any tougher, an opening day encounter against a recently relegated West Brom side full of top flight experience and Championship nous in equal measure. Led by a man in Ismael...
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    Parker off to a flyer as five star cherries cook up some Ravizzoli

    So here we are, a new season and a new era. The man the club had been chasing for over a year finally at the helm for his first (semi) competitive fixture, a first glimpse of what ‘Parker-ball’ was going to be like as a spectacle. Are we to be subjected to the dull and monotonous ‘possession...
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    Rico to Real Sociadad

    Reports in Spain that he’s due to sign for them. If we’ve managed to get any kind of decent fee then we’ve played an absolute blinder, as a full back I don’t think he’s even league one standard. Very good as a left centre back in a three, but we are very unlikely to play that imo.
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    If anybody is wondering

    Why business has been slow so far this summer. See this tweet from Jacob Tanswell of Dorset Live: Everton have completed the signing of Asmir Begovic. The move shows a clear desire for #AFCB to keep balancing the books after 113 per cent of income was spent on wages in the 2019/20 season...
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    The under 23s

    Have seen a lot of clamour for our youngsters to be given more of an opportunity this season. Easy to say, but are any of them good enough yet? Here is where I believe they stand. First Team Ready: -Jaidon Anthony- at the age of 23 he’s a little older than the others. I have no doubt in my mind...
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    Early thoughts

    Only a friendly yes, but early observations: -Parker set the team up in a 4-1-4-1/4-3-3 formation. One deep lying midfielder (Kilkenny) picking the ball up from deep to start making the play. Two midfielders in front playing in what I suppose you would call the traditional ‘number 8’ role. -It...
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    Who’s excited for the rebuild now?

    The emphasis thus far has been on who will leave and how much weaker we will be next season, well I for one am now very excited for the potential rebuild and to see how the squad will shape up for this season. Our last 2 permanent signings in Pearson and Emiliano are top players at this level...
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    We want to build a squad that can be competitive in the Championship

    From our chairman today. Is it me or does that sound pretty uninspiring?
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    Sheffield United- appoint Jovanovic promptly after the conclusion of the season, a proven track record at Championship level. Decisive. West Brom- appoint Wilder, proven track record at Championship level. Bournemouth- having a meeting at the end of the week to discuss how many years we should...
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    A crumb of comfort

    For those who were desperate for PL football next season. Today Harry Kane hand balled in the lead up to a Gareth Bale goal, VAR allowed the goal to stand as there was a ‘sufficient’ amount of time between the hand ball and the goal. This was four seconds. A goal that effectively decided...
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    For those who believe this season is make or break

    Look at Brentford. A team of players recruited from obscurity and lower league, for a fraction of the cost of ours. And they look like they’re on a different level to us. Fair play to them. Disappointing day for us, but in terms of the bigger picture it demonstrates that not all is lost if we...