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    We had a big hand in the 100 too.
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    I lived in Cavendish Road during the Summers of 1964 and 1965 and spent quite a bit of time at the cricket. In those days Hampshire games were split between Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Basingstoke and that other place up the road. We had about 6 games a year I would say but I don’t remember paying...
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    Then we lost it to Worcester in 1973 after 3 days solid rain.
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    My dad…

    Nice words Neil. RIP your Dad. You only have one.
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    Engl and and and Pol

    I must once again have been watching a different game. Poland were hard and niggly but I thought England and Grealish in particular spent too long looking for the free kick, throw in, corner which wasn’t going to come. Most times the replay showed the ref got it right. I thought Sterling was...
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    Ryan Fraser

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    Test Match.

    Time for the best captain in the Championship. Might not cut it as a batsman at that level but then neither did Brearley.
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    Test Match.

    You called it Jim. My faith wasn’t justified. Bit like Boscombe I suppose.
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    Test Match.

    All 4 results still in play. Hope nobody digs up the pitch during the night.
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    Test Match.

    Gone beyond now though. Will need to dig deep to take it to tea tomorrow. If we can get there with say 6 down a draw would be a great result. Could be ideal for a Hamed double ton.
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    Test Match.

    If we could knock them over by mid afternoon then I’d fancy us to chase down between 250 and 300.
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    Great rearguard effort today.
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    Arnaut Danjuma

    Really ? I genuinely thought we’d grown out of this. Obviously not. Still, soon be back to school.
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    Non Premier League

    Early days yet but I’m liking the look of the table.
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    Hull City v AFC Bournemouth

    Obviously new here as you don’t realise the term ‘bedwetters’ was so last year.
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    Non How long ?

    Before the Eddie to Arsenal threads start up again.
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    Test Match.

    All over by lunch ?
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    Non - Ted Dexter

    My ‘first’ England captain. We used to play over the park and all pretended we were Ted until I realised I was left handed so I became John Edrich. RIP skipper.
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    Test Match.

    Shame on me I didn’t read the attachment and just assumed he was referring to the current game.