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  1. London Cherry

    Home tickets v Blackpool

    Hi all. Desperately trying to get tickets for my boy and I to the home Blackpool game. I thought they went on general sale at 10 online but it doesn’t seem to work!! Anyone else having this problem?!! I can’t wait in a queue on the phone with two little ones running around!!
  2. London Cherry

    Non: Ofoborh

    Apologies if there is already a thread on this but this was alarming to read just now.
  3. London Cherry

    Cows video

    Good little watch this morning on COWS. Great to have Brooksy back and looking sharp! If he can get up to speed and show his early season form it could be the catalyst for our promotion attempt!
  4. London Cherry

    Match Report: Cherries back on song to dismiss Swans

    I must admit I haven’t enjoyed watching Bournemouth play in 2021. Even our wins were ugly and not entertaining. If we were to have any chance of a top six finish we would have to play the WHOLE game at at least 75% of our capability rather than a huge swing in performance. What we saw on Tuesday...
  5. London Cherry

    Home matches tickets

    I’m sure the answer is no to this but thought I’d check. Being an exile I have quite a few away points but have very few home points. I’m desperately missing live football at the moment, but I’m guessing there’s no way of seeing it even if someone with 14+ points offers you a chance to go? Do...
  6. London Cherry

    Match report: Deadly Danjuma fires Cherries up to second!

    I’m quite enjoying sitting down each Wednesday to watch the Cherries. Granted the picture isn’t amazing and it’s a shame to miss replays but nonetheless it’s an experience! Jason Tindall made a few changes to our starting 11 and brought Adam Smith back to replace Diego Rico, Dan Gosling came in...
  7. London Cherry

    Match Report: Dan leaves Coventry feeling the blues

    Is it me or is it far more enjoyable watching football again? Goals not chalked off every few moments, penalties not given out like sweets and goal alerts not reversed when you can’t watch the game!! It’s fun to watch the Cherries again! I must say it was a blow before kick off to realise that...
  8. London Cherry

    Non - Barca v Bayern

    Wow! Surely an end to an era tonight! I have never seen Barca look so inept and hope City get through to see how Bayern will be against them. Could Messi leave?! We’ll have him! Not a bad eve to invest in Bt for a month!
  9. London Cherry

    Please stay Eddie!

    I’m sitting in the same seat I was five and a bit years ago with a very different emotion. Gutted, pure gutted, but what a great ride it has been, something you never would have imagined we’d go on 10 years ago. The Championship could be more entertaining; I certainly won’t miss VAR or mid table...
  10. London Cherry

    17 years ago tomorrow - Millennium magic!!

    With the Playoff victory in 2003 being celebrated elsewhere I’d love to hear people’s memories from the day?! I honestly think this moment would never be matched! It was a long journey but I remember seeing lots of Cherries on the road to Cardiff (strange in those days!) I remember never feeling...
  11. London Cherry

    5 Years ago! Amazing finish to the season!

    I know Billy has mentioned that the Charlton game is on repicked today but what a finale to the season it was!! We went from hating the Owls in blue/white to loving them!! What an end to the season, the likes of which we might never see again! The images of Tommy/Eddie at al lifting the trophy...
  12. London Cherry

    5 years ago today - Finale!

    Well, I had to post another one of these posts for today didn’t I?! What a day in AFCB’s history! Firstly, looking back, I was absolutely gutted I didn’t go. After it had been moved to a Monday (and having been to previous home games) I knew it would be tough to get down there after work and to...
  13. London Cherry

    5 years ago today

    Loved reading the memories about The Great escape 2 and Fletch’s goal (thank you DJ) Made me realise it was this day 5 years ago where Norwich dropped points and Fulham did us a last minute favour to ensure we were 90 mins from the Prem! I was coaching at the time but all I could think about...
  14. London Cherry

    5 years ago today mark two

    Ok, hands up, who thought we’d blown our chance of promotion when Adam Smith gave away that last minute penalty against Sheffield Wednesday, five years ago today?! Felt absolutely devastated on the way back to London (felt for my wife and 1 year old!) Little did we know we’d end up loving the...
  15. London Cherry

    Five years ago today

    Who else was at Reading 0-1 Cherries in our promotion year, five years ago today?! Without doubt one of the most nerve wracking experiences of watching football I have ever had! All out attack from Reading at the end but we held on!!
  16. London Cherry

    Favourite/Most disappointing season

    Apologies if this has been done before but I am seriously missing football and was thinking of this last night. My obsession with AFCB started in 94 so some might have varying answers which I’ll be interested to hear! For me Favourite: 2014/2015 You could chose any Premier League season but...
  17. London Cherry

    Non - Roy Keane

    Is it me or of all the pundits out there why is Roy Keane such a miserable so and so?! He just makes me want to switch off the telly as soon as he ventures onto our screens. He was painstaking tonight on Sky.
  18. London Cherry

    Tottenham away, any spare tickets?

    As I was out this morning (Park run with my boy!) I missed the rush for the last few tickets for Spurs away. If anyone has 2 spare adult tickets (my Dad is over 65 though) do let me know. :utc:
  19. London Cherry

    Junior Cherries Christmas Party

    I signed my son up as a Junior Cherry this year and proudly took him to his first match at Leicester. As we have to travel down from London I was wondering if anyone knew a date for this year’s Junior Cherries Christmas Party? I see last year it might have been held at a weekend?! I’m guessing...
  20. London Cherry

    Non: Rugby League

    Anyone on here a Rugby League fan? I know it’s a sport played mostly in the north but as my old man is from Warrington Ive been a fan for a decade or so. Amazing game today at Wembley, fitness levels were outstanding in hot weather! Would love to go back there with the Cherries for a cup final...