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    Key Dates

    Games that will be moved Currently none Games that could be moved 29th February - if Chelsea drop into Europa League from Champions League OR make the League Cup final (to be held 1st March). 21st March - If Wolves are still in the Europa League, this game must be played on Sunday 22nd March...
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    Fans Footballer of the Year

    So the vote is now available: I'd create a poll but surely there is only 3 viable candidates in order of probability: Fraser Ake Brooks My vote has gone to Fraser who will surely win by a landslide.
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    Smith Injured

    Big loss. We aren't as good without him.
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    Valencia make £12m bid for Coquelin

    At the paltry sum of £12m just about every team outside the top 6 in the PL should be bidding for him. Valencia is a big draw at the moment, but any PL team can probably pay more.
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    Bars in Tokyo?

    I find myself in Tokyo for the game tomorrow and Chelsea next week. Does anybody know any bars where they’re likely to show all games on various screen? I’ve done a bit of digging and it seems only the “big” games are on in most bars, unlike in Dubai where almost every pub screens every game...
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    Soccer AM

    So Helen Chamberlain has left the show after 22 years. Jimmy Bullard and Lloyd Griffith will present alongside Fenners. It will be a totally different dynamic again like when Lovejoy left. No idea how it will pan out.
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    What an end to the season. Brighton have done a Watford! Frantic at the bottom as well.
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    8 Years Ago How time goes by! We get somewhat more detailed reports by the BBC now a days!
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    Cook suspended?

    He picked up his 10th yellow yesterday, which as far as I remember means he'll be suspended for 2 games. Can anyone confirm?
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    Reading Journos have had a mare

    Check out the player name :hihi: :hihi: <img src="" width="600">
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    Aus Open Tennis

    What a match that was. Privilege to get to see those two titans battle it out again. That will mean as much to Federer as the first one I'm sure.
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    Mike Dean for Saturday

    More than 1/4 of our games so far this will make it.
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    Stadium Rent Perhaps the reason they didn't expand the stadium in the summer? Edit: See it's mentioned in the Solent forum, DJ can you merge or delete this please :)