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  1. afcb_rednblack

    Well done Fletch

    The ball boy of colour was getting a load of racist abuse from the QPR fans (prevalent for much of the game and directed towards our players also I understand) and Fletch quickly swapped him with another ball boy. Whoever thought it a good idea to put the poor boy in front of the away fans...
  2. afcb_rednblack


    Just watched a video of the first training session on AFCBTV. Not sure if it’s my imagination but the intensity seemed a lot higher/harder than I’ve seen for quite a long time, and particularly surprising given it was the first training session after a the summer break. This level of training...
  3. afcb_rednblack

    Fletch staying?

    I hope so. The Ohec is reporting that: “Stephen Purches, Simon Weatherstone and Neil Moss have left Cherries, along with long-serving physio Steve Hard”. Farewell and thanks to you all for all you’ve done for the club.
  4. afcb_rednblack

    Woodgate to Southgate…

    …a perfect appointment for AFCB…
  5. afcb_rednblack

    Allardyce Out!!!

    Thought I’d start this just in case anyone on the Board is foolish enough to think “this is what the fans need/think they want”…(Uncle Jeff’s recent interview refers).
  6. afcb_rednblack


    ...Stephen and Simon, thanks for all you’ve done and enjoy Scotland...or London.
  7. afcb_rednblack

    The worst evert AFCB shirt?

    I've been browsing for AFCB memorabilia and came across this, surely the worst ever AFCB shirt? (apologies to whoever on here is selling this ;)) That said (and in order to redeem myself with the seller)...
  8. afcb_rednblack

    20 points... of top spot is disgraceful, we surely should be doing a lot better. Time for a wholesale clear out both on and off the pitch.
  9. afcb_rednblack

    A managerial stepping stone... how we’re seen by Wenger: "But it's a good club, Bournemouth. A good test as well for somebody. "They have good players, they work well, so I think it's a great platform for a young manager to show that he can do it in England and after go to the Premier League."...
  10. afcb_rednblack

    Woodgate out!

    ...just getting in early, again for post parity/balance...:grinning:
  11. afcb_rednblack

    Patrick Vieira

    ...just getting in early, this for post parity/balance...:grinning:
  12. afcb_rednblack

    Welcome back 'arry!

    If nothing else he should have a motivational affect.
  13. afcb_rednblack

    What a complete embarrassment...

    ...this group of individual players are :shake:
  14. afcb_rednblack

    I am really struggling... relate to any of the players we have now, other than perhaps Steve Cook. All I see is a group of individuals bereft of any direction or demonstrable appetite. I cannot help think back to 2014/15 and the “team” of players we had then, the comparison is stark. Not far off being a group of...
  15. afcb_rednblack

    What is going on...?

    So we have had Cookie talking about the £40m player attitude; the bizarre debacle with Billing and now we have Mepham talking to the Ohec about the need to stick together as if we fall apart our season is odd comment which could indicate that not all is well...
  16. afcb_rednblack

    Promotion potential...

    ...Brentford that is. We are going to be up there, or thereabouts, but we’ve got to manage games a lot better. And I’m not altogether convinced that quick/clever passing in and around the 18 yard box is going to give the return it deserves. There are still times for me when we need to just have...
  17. afcb_rednblack

    Non - Shrewsbury Would love to see Daniels and Pugh take the plunge into management...
  18. afcb_rednblack

    Non Arter

    A yellow card after the game, he just can’t help himself can he!
  19. afcb_rednblack

    We want 8...

    ...just 7 to go :grinning:
  20. afcb_rednblack

    Non - Bobby Charlton

    Very sad to read this. I wonder how much this was down to football and heading, what was then, a very heavy leather ball.