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  1. Neil Dawson

    My dad…

    My dad went to the big stadium in the sky tonight, fittingly just as Solanke scored to put us 2-0 up. I’d been with him all day in end of life care but handed over to my sister so we could attend the match in his honour. We got the dreaded text on the half hour mark. To anyone wondering why...
  2. Neil Dawson

    Match Report and MOM v Brum

    Blues Power....... When I'm lying on my death bed and reoccurring memories flash before me of things I saw most often in my life they will include my mum's smile, my kids laughing, my christmas tree going up and down and Birmingham City fans leaving the ground ten minutes before full time...
  3. Neil Dawson

    Match Report and MOM v Forest

    Young Saplings dominate the Forest Nottingham was always a city where, according to urban myth, women outnumbered men by a larger than probable statistic proportion. When I was a lad it almost the universities recruitment campaign to state this and the single blokes pouring into the town...
  4. Neil Dawson


    I was wondering. Has their ever been a side this successful in our history that we have had less affinity with as a fan base? Bearing in mind in the last 40 years we have had 6 promotions and 1 failed play off bid, and it’s our 7th highest league finish in over 100 years this should be a...
  5. Neil Dawson

    Gosling today...

    Wound me up a bit. If he had put as much effort into mastering his first touch as he did getting feisty with his ex team mates he might still be here...
  6. Neil Dawson

    Management Timeline Exclusive

    Apr 21. Woodgate goes, Blake releases statement saying they are taking their time choosing between Klopp and Guardiola who have both interviewed well. May 21 ‘after an exhaustive interview process we have decided Gary O’Neill has been the stand out candidate and the players have reacted to him...
  7. Neil Dawson

    I think it’s probably safe

    ..... for me to come back. Slightly less people to hurl abuse at me and my kids online for suggesting Blake is clueless and JT not up to the job. ;) No, seriously, it’s too interesting at the moment to not be on here with all the developments and looking in as an outsider yesterday made me...
  8. Neil Dawson

    Adios Amigos

    Afternoon all…. A mate alerted me to the fact some people were worried about me on the other thread so thought I’d better come on to clarify a few points as I wouldn’t want that! I’m 100% fine – no need to worry, never been better. We should all check in on people though so its pleasing that...
  9. Neil Dawson

    91.5m v 2.5m

    Shows the difference in our squad to others... can you imagine that last time we were in this division!! wow.
  10. Neil Dawson

    Match Report and MOM v Naarwich

    Arnie Terminates Canaries…. Bournemouth and Jason’s unbeaten start to the season moves on after Norwich strode into town and strode back out again with another Danjuma special leaving them empty handed. It wasn’t the easiest watch with Bournemouth still adjusting to a new formation and Norwich...
  11. Neil Dawson

    No report from me

    Hi all. Hard to comment on the normal passages of play and MOM when you didn’t watch the game so anyone that did care to step in?? No comments please about it being hard to comment even when I do watch the game :grinning:
  12. Neil Dawson

    Match Report and MOM v Blackburn Rovers

    Danjuma Boomer Dampens Rovers Return Jason Tindall's first game of a new era for Bournemouth saw them nervily dispatch a Blackburn Rovers side full of endeavour but lacking in the quality the home team showed. The ability to score with flair and also concede with ease shows that it might not be...
  13. Neil Dawson

    Jeff and Eddie Howe

    Both Jeff and Ed have been very interestingly quiet on the appointment of a man they know so incredibly well. Especially as one is the chairman.
  14. Neil Dawson

    One question for Tindall fans

    Had we stayed up on the last day but Eddie said he was off would you have wanted JT in the PL? Same time restrictions on close season etc. Genuine question not a leading one.
  15. Neil Dawson

    Match Report and final verdict v Everton

    A Very Bournemouth Exit. So farewell Premier League - you always felt more of a mistress than a wife and today you decided to stay with that loud big bloke from the midlands who has let you down so many times before. Bournemouth's magical stay in the top flight came to a nail-biting climax...
  16. Neil Dawson

    Match Report and MOM v Southampton

    Saints and Sinners We'd hoped it would be one of those days, a Grimsby or Brentford day for older fans, a Bolton or Charlton day for younger fans - in the end it turned into what seems like every day for the last year... a tactically inept, confused, shot-shy game with technological kicks in...
  17. Neil Dawson

    Match Report and MOM v Leicester

    Double Dom as Leicester Bomb. Bournemouth sealed a massive win in their last-ditch battle against relegation from the Premier League with unlikely talisman Dominic Solanke scoring twice in a game that breathes faint hope into their survival chances. In the definitive 'game of two halves'...
  18. Neil Dawson

    Match Report and MOM v Leicester

    double post
  19. Neil Dawson

    Match Report and MOM v Spurs

    Points Failure and King's Cross A fairy tale ending is so often the hand of a prince, but Bournemouth discovered today it's not the hand of a King. Fine margins...most coaches refer to these and a goal that would have stood in injury time and won the game for Bournemouth was chalked off through...
  20. Neil Dawson

    Match Report and (cough) MOM v Toon

    Fat Lady Poised at Microphone All my headline writing days I had wanted us to beat Newcastle 5-0, Hawaii 50, waye-aye 5-0.... it's just too delicious....sat there waiting - every cliched, tired, chain-smoking sub editors dream. I didn't really want it to be the other way round for obvious...