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  1. London Cherry

    My dad…

    Condolences to you and your family Neil.
  2. London Cherry

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    Would be some signing this! Add Christie to the mix and a striker and i’ll be delighted!
  3. London Cherry

    Players To Come In For Next Season?

    I put my kids to bed and we’re linked with half a team!
  4. London Cherry

    Players To Come In For Next Season?

    I was thinking this the other day. If he stays fit he’d do a great job for us. Led Watford almost singlehandedly for many years.
  5. London Cherry

    Steve Cook

    I’m hopeless with tech, happy for this to be merged.
  6. London Cherry

    Steve Cook

    Firstly, apologies if we already have a thread on the legend that is Steve Cook, happy for this to amalgamated with it. With the onset of COVID I fear we’ve had too many ‘legends’ of this club drift away and sign for another team without correct appreciation. It’s been very sad to see the likes...
  7. London Cherry

    Clock is ticking …

    I see Patrick Roberts linked by Sky
  8. London Cherry


    You’ve got half a chance here! Looking on as a disgruntled Middlesex fan!
  9. London Cherry

    Last week of the Transfer Window.

    Does anyone have the latest on Morgan Rogers?!
  10. London Cherry

    Blackpool match report

    Thank you IAD this message has made me smile. I loved going with my boy but my next aim might be to go with my old man, who started me off on this glorious adventure back in 94! Those were the days! Enjoy the season with your boy.
  11. London Cherry

    Blackpool match report

    Unfortunately bad Daddy left at 11 and foolishly thought We’d get to DC by 1. It was 2.15 when we reached the outskirts!
  12. London Cherry

    Blackpool match report

    I promise it was the mini curly wurly’s and not the big ones! LLC loves it that you praised him though!
  13. London Cherry

    Blackpool match report

    Report written above DJ
  14. London Cherry

    Blackpool match report

    Blackpool rock Cherries with second half fight back: It was a momentous day in the LC household as it was LLC (Little London Cherry’s) first Dean Court game. With an excited 7 year old in tow we made our pilgrimage to the south coast. Close to 3 1/2 hours later we made it!! No hope of selfies...
  15. London Cherry

    Blackpool match report

    I could write one by mid aft (after the kids have gone out!)
  16. London Cherry

    Just got back

    Got home 30 mins ago. A 5 1/2 round trip today (didn’t think there would be as much traffic today!) My boy’s first home game, thought he’d be a lucky charm after the first half!
  17. London Cherry

    AFC Bournemouth v Blackpool

    Anyone know re this query?! Just wondering whether to head off early
  18. London Cherry

    AFC Bournemouth v Blackpool

    Bringing my boy down for his first ever home game, which he is really excited about (as am I!). Does anyone know if the players are currently stopping and signing autographs/taking selfie’s etc at 1ish?! I know this used to happen but presume it had stopped due to COVID?
  19. London Cherry

    Tommy Elphick

    Absolute legend and never to be forgotten
  20. London Cherry

    Birmingham City v AFC Bournemouth

    5 at the back?!