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    Face Masks

    Mail on Sunday shows AFCB directors wearing face masks at yesterday’s game. In light of the current virus crisis wouldn’t it have been a good idea to issue all the fans with masks instead of those bloody happy clappers. Our club should put fan safety as a priority.
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    Norwich City

    Looks like we will have our hands full with Norwich in the cup. They are doing very nicely in the Championship and am sure they will give us a hard game. Jordan Rhodes is on good form and last nights win at Villa was their 6th win in 9 games. Eddie will need a strong team on the night.
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    Saints Negative Tactics

    Saints game plan was to disrupt our attacking style of play by blocking out our wingers, which they achieved quite effectively. Brooks and Fraser had two sometimes three players man marking them which nullified their effectiveness. Eddie will need to have a plan B if this becomes a regular...