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  1. davygravy

    Shoddy article on BBC Football page

    Phil McNulty, 'chief football writer' he couldn't wait to put the boot in....
  2. davygravy

    NON: but also linked - Jordan Sinnott Shirts

    Anyone spotted the @JordanShirts idea on Twitter? In honour of Jordan Sinnott, the footballer killed last weekend - a whole ton of clubs sending their shirts for the funeral service, which will then later be auctioned off. Ramsdale posted that we have sent two shirts over. It's obviously a...
  3. davygravy

    NON: Watford about to sack Flores! Now....with respect to the resident Watford fan on this forum, who seems like a proper good man.....I would actually be very happy to see them go down....but I didn't expect to see this headline this morning. I did think it was a bit mad for them...
  4. davygravy

    Sweet Caroline....Friday funny!

  5. davygravy

    Twitter season ticket comment storm!

    For those that don't Tweet....the following comment was posted yesterday and its really annoyed me! And several others too. I won't add his name on here but this is what he said: "Very reluctantly just renewed our 2 season tickets for @afcbournemouth next season, afraid the love has gone...
  6. davygravy

    Callum makes the final 23.....

    ....but the Stains two drop out :utc:;););):ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  7. davygravy

    AFCB on Soccer AM any minute

    Doing a feature on the pitch...some of the Soccer AM crowd taking on a few AFCB players....writing this at 11.11...on after the next break!
  8. davygravy

    Inhuries - luck or judgement?

    Probably discussed during various posts but I read a comment on Twitter from a Wolves fan and it got me thinking. They have been clear of any serious injuries all season, meaning all main players have been available to them, week in, week out. This has been a major factor in them being where...
  9. davygravy

    NON: Wolves - Price of Football report

    Anyone on Twitter this morning will see lots of posts regarding The Price of Football reports about the massive financial losses Wolves incurred while coming up last season. There will be people cleverer than me that can go through things will a fine tooth comb and its not made the PoF website...
  10. davygravy

    Found this....player signatures

    Just been clearing the shed and finding lots of old bits and pieces. This card was signed by people at the club for my 18th about 1985. Quite a few clear names...some I can't make out. There are even people like Harry Woodman and Keith McAllister on there....for those that go...
  11. davygravy

    Josh nominated for PL Player of the Month One of six names nominated, thats a nice bonus!
  12. davygravy

    Callum out for 3-4 weeks

    From Solent on Twitter....he has had a minor knee clear up and will miss 3-4 weeks.
  13. davygravy

    NON?? Maurizio Sarri

    Now confirmed as Chelsea boss....after he and Eddie got on so well, when Eddie visited him at Empoli....surely a phone call will be on the cards now? Must be one or two we could discuss about a loan next season....Loftus Cheek....Ampadu....??
  14. davygravy

    NON: Charlie Austin

    I have only seen his kick at the Huddersfield keeper on a small clip on Twitter but to me, that has to be a ban. And if Tyrone got five games, that has to be the same for Austin, an absolute deliberate kick out into the keepers face.
  15. davygravy

    Down with Eddie....or.....??

    A post on Twitter earlier - they stated they would rather we eventually went down with Eddie...and kept him to try and come back up....than sack him and stay up with someone else in charge. What would you choose if you had to??
  16. davygravy

    NON: Brighton infrastructure!

    Hope Powell appointed Head Coach at Brighton ladies: "I'm delighted to be back in management at a club that has so much ambition with amazing infrastructure both on and off the pitch," Powell said.
  17. davygravy


    The most important thing we could talk about after the game, is that we have finished NINTH. In the Premier League. Let that sink in. Yeah, would have been lovely to get one more goal and finish about the Stains. Yeah, Ibe is a puzzle yet to be solved. But for now, let's all stare at that...
  18. davygravy

    Liam Cooper

    I have yet to see any kind of news about Cooper getting a five game ban for his stamp on the head of Reece Oxford on Saturday evening?? Surely he won't get away with that one?! [ I bet he will! ]
  19. davygravy

    Well done Wee Man!

    Just seen breaking news on Sky Sports, included in the full Scotland squad for their upcoming games! Spot on!
  20. davygravy

    Solent after match interviews

    Bit of a debate on Twitter - listening to Kris Temple speak to Eddie after the game, he avoided the main talking points of the majority of our supporters - which was centered around why Daniels came back in and why Smithy was out of position yet again, when we had actual wide midfield players on...