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    Lewis Cook

    Contract extension signed .
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    Test Match.

    Bloody hell. India 67-7
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    Away fans, it's all very quiet.

    Nothing on MK Dons site re their fans next Saturday. Nothing on WBA site re the league game the following week. nothing on our site re Forest away. What's going on, are we going to find out any time soon.
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    Non - Space Race

    Anyone else just watched Bezos and his crew (oldest and youngest people ever) fly into space ? Incredible live footage, all returned safe and sound and the launch vehicle returns and lands Thunderbird style about 10 feet from where it took off. Amazing stuff.
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    Are we actually playing MK Dons.

    11 days to go and not the merest hint of tickets on sale. Now I know it won't be a sell out but it would be nice to know we are actually playing them........................................................
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    Sutton Utd in the football League

    Well done to them. who remembers playing them in the FA Cup away many years ago.
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    Non - Wolves manager departs. Wonder where he is off to ?
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    The BIG Championship game this w/end.

    Derby v Sheff Wed. Win or draw keep Derby up, Wed win keeps them up at Derbys expense. Will the Derby "dream team" of Rooney and McClaren keep them up......................................... I would rather Weds win, just so I can see McClaren with his head in his hands again.:)
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    World Cup Qualifiers. Rep of Ireland

    Not much makes me smile regarding football these days but I must admit I pissed myself laughing when I found out the mighty Luxembourg beat them in Dublin.:rofl:
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    Klopp OUT

    Just thought I would say it. 6 home defeats in a row
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    Ian St John RIP

    Sadly died today. Always remember watching Saint and Greavsie on the telly when I was a kid. Good player too.
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    1986-87 season interesting review.

    Morgan Lewis who played a few games that season has penned this short summary of harrys signings that season. Easy read but brings back a few memories.
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    Pulis sacked.

    10 games and gone
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    RIP Nobby Stiles

    Another of the class of 66. What a tiger he was.
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    Not a Tindall thread

    Damn fine performance by England today to beat Pakistan.
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    It's all my fault.

    Nearly 9 years ago I went to the Old Thatch near Ferndown for a pint and lunch to celebrate Eddie turning down the Palace job a day or so before. I got home and found he had gone to Burnley !!! Since then I have not been to that pub at all, not avoided it for any particular reason but I haven't...
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    Mean while in our summer sport.

    Stuart Broad is smashing the WIndies all over the park. 60 off 40 balls so far. Not bad for a fast bowler !!!!o_O
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    End of Season thank you to

    Ryan Fraser. Thanks for fucking off and leaving your team mates, manager, and supporters in the sh-t. Hope to see you in the Championship real soon.
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    Steve Cooks injury - any news.

    In all this virus stuff I seem to have missed news of the severity of Steve Cooks injury. Has anyone seen anything?
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    Burnleys goal at DC in December

    As much a handball as Billings imo. Consistency eh !