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  1. dj_silver

    Squad numbers

    Just wondering what number Christie might have and found this interesting and fun ..... Squad numbers
  2. dj_silver

    Should never have ...

    Wilson scores for Fulham. :grinning:
  3. dj_silver

    NON ish: Ohec

    Anybody ever look at the Non League Footy section in the rag? Well, if you haven't, you haven't missed anything since 11th June! It has not been updated since then. Last story was about the Euros, where the Euros fit into a Non League heading is beyond me. To make matters worse, I keep...
  4. dj_silver

    NON: Charlie Watts

    Charlie has died, saw the Stones at Wembley, great value. R.I.P Charlie Watts
  5. dj_silver

    Weekend wit

    Karl Marx is an historically famous philosopher, funny though, nobody ever mentions his sister Onya .................. inventor of the starting pistol!
  6. dj_silver

    Have to love opponents forums!

    They are cynical bastards These youngsters held their own and drew against WBA in their last game though. They're still a good side. They are a class outfit. I hope they're one if the top teams otherwise we're in trouble Oh and despite their persistent fouling we've created next to nothing...
  7. dj_silver

    Former player

    Picked up an old autograph book and saw this photo that got me thinking. Russell Beardsmore never seems to be mentioned when talking about about former players. Never mentioned as a great or an okay or a rubbish player. Made 198 appearances with 7 goals. Just seems to have been lost in time...
  8. dj_silver

    NON ish: Poor old Rammers (again)

    Blades fans not a happy lot but 29,000 there tonight. Can't see him being there much longer, reckon they'll struggle then.
  9. dj_silver

    NON: John Terry

    He has stepped down as Villa assistant .... Terry steps down
  10. dj_silver

    Parky criticism

    Lots of Fulham fans, it appeared to be ecstatic about SP leaving due to his style of football, defensive, boring etc. I have to 'fess up I am not a student of the game, studying how teams play in minute detail, formations etc. Those of you who are, how did last night's match look compared to...
  11. dj_silver

    Non: R I P Jono Coleman

    Blimey, not a good time, just 65. Liked listening to him, entertaining. R.I.P Jono. Jono Coleman
  12. dj_silver

    Opponents we feared the most

    Looking at the Paul Mariner thread and how people remember him pulling us to bits got my grey cells ticking over. Who else did we fear, dread seeing their name on the team sheet? My first memory of somebody who always seemed to put in a good show against us was the Seaweed Kit Napier. Whenever...
  13. dj_silver

    NON: Stains in the mire?

    Their goalscorer wants a move. The one player who probably kept them up. Ings away! Stormy waters ahead on the Solent! :grinning:
  14. dj_silver

    Thunderbirds are GO!

    Parker has landed!
  15. dj_silver

    Nonny poorly!

    Haven't heard about this, poor Nonny. Nonny surgery A full recovery please for a gent and the biggest fan of all.
  16. dj_silver

    NON: Did make me titter!

  17. dj_silver

    Wonderful wit!

    I've put all my dogging gear for sale on ebay. No bids yet but there 16 people watching.
  18. dj_silver

    Well it won't be ...

    A name touted on here ...... Morecambe FC
  19. dj_silver

    Why not JW?

    With all this due diligence going on and searching all corners of the globe it got me thinking. What is it about JW they do not fancy, why not him? Didn't do a bad job, got us in the play offs. Not for a second saying he IS the one but why didn't they appoint him straight away? Dressing room...
  20. dj_silver

    Tuesday Titter

    I've got a load of dead AA and AAA batteries, if anybody wants them? They're free of charge. :geek: