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  1. Druss_the_Legend

    Non - Tino Anjorin

    Local lad done good. Well done to him and best of luck in what will be an interesting league to play in.
  2. Druss_the_Legend

    Billing and Brooks on their way?

    Im putting it out there...with the signings coming in, I think they might both go.
  3. Druss_the_Legend

    This years formation to win the league...

    Travers Brooks, Lowe, L Cook, Billing, Kilkenny, Pearson, Lerma, Stanislas, Anthony, Christie I reckon we are on to something here...
  4. Druss_the_Legend

    Forum avatars

    Who is stealing them. Checked across devices and they are going missing so I assume it's not just me?
  5. Druss_the_Legend

    Fox News UK

    Sorry, I mean GB News, Just what we need in this country, openly political leaning 24hour news channel. They work so well in the US. Already using the tag line that they are providing a voice for those unheard in today politics. For those whose views are suppressed and hidden. That old trope...
  6. Druss_the_Legend

    Norwich Forum on refereeing

    Apparently last night's was up there as one of the worst referee performances in the club's history. Blimey, they've been bloody lucky up till now then. I've seen two people frothing at the mouth that it should have been Pearson sent off in the incident, not Gianoulis. I guess for viciously...
  7. Druss_the_Legend

    Set pieces tonight

    How good were our set pieces tonight? Well, after the 39th minute anyway. Can we keep Dan in the role please?
  8. Druss_the_Legend

    Well said Woody

    Asked about Lerma his response was that he got hit in the face...follow up was about how he went down...he simply queried the interviewer whether it's a red in the laws of the game. Wasn't having any of it. Doesn't matter how he went down it was a red. That's more important than Sky's narrative...
  9. Druss_the_Legend

    That could be just what we needed

    Go to the trenches together and come out the other side stronger. A good fight will make them a better team.
  10. Druss_the_Legend

    All I wanted from JTs replacement..

    ..was to be more adventurous and get rid of the horrid defensive style he had brought to the team. Turns out, his replacement has decided to make us even more defensive. Its simply horrible to watch. I dont care if we lose matches or concede goals, I want to see us play attacking football...
  11. Druss_the_Legend

    Vital-ly important post!

    With everything going on in the world right now, these strange times, people losing their jobs, others furloughed, pubs and cafes closed and you cannot even buy a hair cut, it got me thinking... ..why do Vitals still use 1990s smileys and not up to date Emojis and Gifs like most forums and...
  12. Druss_the_Legend

    Win, lose or draw

    Can anyone really hold their hand up to say we have played as a team and well this season in any game? The sacking of JT was never about results, we were in the top 6 all season. It was about the poor performances on the pitch. We needed someone to make us a team and play like one. Sadly, the...
  13. Druss_the_Legend

    That **** on talksport

    Moaning on social media about Lerma diving last night and how it wasnt a foul. Firstly, it was a foul. When someone 2 hand pushes a player in the back it really doesnt matter how theatrically they go over, its still a foul. Meanwhile, back when we got the 0-0 against spurs he said we had robbed...
  14. Druss_the_Legend

    We might not be in the relegation zone...

    ..but what Id give for a team as together and desperate to win as Wednesday. You can see what it means to them. All the words in the world in a post match press conference wont change the fact that our players (with the odd exception) dont care. Even when we score we dont celebrate ffs. Oh to...
  15. Druss_the_Legend

    Non - Forget covid, worry about the robots.

    Seriously though, this is insanely good. Us humans are bloody clever when we try to be.
  16. Druss_the_Legend

    Thoughts on the season so far.

    Great to be in the position we are, not going to argue with that, but some concerns. Billing - Should have everything to be a great midfielder in this league. Why has he not shown it so far? Kelly - Whats happened? Hailed as the Ake replacement at the end of the season, this season he is lucky...
  17. Druss_the_Legend

    Forest forum thread.

    Worth a read
  18. Druss_the_Legend

    Non - Petrol and Diesel new sales banned from 2030

    This is great news. Cannot wait for the usual misinformed to post their issues with it on here. ;)
  19. Druss_the_Legend

    The ref today.

    Many things were poor today by the ref, including 2 clear penalties not awarded, blowing for their players falling over and ignoring blatant cynical fouls on Smith in the second half, but my favourite was to spend the 5 mins of injury time "stopping" his watch high above his head and telling our...
  20. Druss_the_Legend

    RIP Sean Connery

    I true movie legend.