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  1. Sorry Roger

    Bristol City away tickets online

    They were there, at least for those with 10 away points. Now they seem to have been taken down. Can anyone else with the necessary points still access them?
  2. Sorry Roger

    Non - “I say, ding dong”

    If Leslie Philips was a bear, then this is the kind of bear I think he would be.
  3. Sorry Roger

    Non - show me the money

    Burnley’s new signing, Max Cornet from Lyon, clearly knows where the money is:
  4. Sorry Roger

    Parker Vision

    So what, exactly, is the vision and the plan? At Fulham Scott Parker was operating under a system where the owner’s son was technical director and general head honcho. He’s been promised something more appealing at Bournemouth. Clearly, given the number and style of outgoings to date, it...
  5. Sorry Roger

    Non - Ajax

    Ajax are melting down their league trophy to distribute commemorative silver stars to their season ticket holders who were locked out of games this season. Nice touch.
  6. Sorry Roger

    Non - cows on rails

    Now, I know we all like a good pun
  7. Sorry Roger

    Non - Cambridge promotion nerves

    Cracking article by Max Rushden on his nerves being shredded in Cambridge United’s run in.
  8. Sorry Roger

    Cox out!

    The old ones are the best.
  9. Sorry Roger

    Non - Olive and Mabel

    This is one of a series of videos on Twitter & YouTube with a mock sports commentary about two dogs. (Almost) guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, especially if you have ever lived with a Labrador
  10. Sorry Roger

    Things footballers shout

    Games without, or with very few, fans at least mean you can hear what players and coaching staff shout. What staggers me is the ubiquitous shout of “away” at each incoming corner, free kick or cross. WTF else do they imagine defenders are going to do? And of course no thread on footballers’...
  11. Sorry Roger

    Friday cartoon

    With thanks to today’s Telegraph. Made me laugh out loud.
  12. Sorry Roger

    Non - Lebanese Mixed Grill

    Now I am very fond of Middle Eastern and North African food. But WTF was the BBC sports feed on about when it described Lewis Cook’s goal as fantastic and the equivalent of a Lebanese Mixed Grill? Surely one of the most bizarre sporting similes ever made. Or was it the unintended love child...
  13. Sorry Roger

    Wales v Republic of Ireland

    Brooks and Mepham both start, Travers on the bench.
  14. Sorry Roger

    Remember tonight’s game kicks off at 7pm

    A gentle reminder
  15. Sorry Roger

    That Bristol City goalkeeper jersey

    Whatever happened to a simple green top? Even as he scored Arnaut looked like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
  16. Sorry Roger

    Friday cartoon

    From today’s Telegraph. Made me laugh.
  17. Sorry Roger

    Thursday joke

    Ryan Fraser decides he should visit the dentist and, being new to Tyneside, calls the local clinic of BUPA dental care. "Hello, is that BUPA dental care?" he asks. "Wey aye, man" comes the answer. A little taken back by this, Ryan introduces himself and asks what it means. "It's just how we...
  18. Sorry Roger

    TV money - £13.8 million hit

    Article in today’s Telegraph giving details of the £330 million rebate to broadcasters because of the suspension of the Premier League earlier this year. It is due to be clawed back over the next two years. For AFCB the loss of TV income will be: - a £9 million reduction (actually repayment)...
  19. Sorry Roger

    Non - Gareth Ainsworth

    I enjoyed reading this interview with the Wycombe manager
  20. Sorry Roger

    If you thought our defending and goalkeeping was terrible

    Take a look at Scotland