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  1. Kenya Cherrie

    Lee "Scratch" Perry

    One of the reggae greats passed away yesterday. Known for his work with the Upsetters he became a master of dub. RIP
  2. Kenya Cherrie

    Something for the oldies.

  3. Kenya Cherrie

    The Open

    3 players seem to be be favourites Jorden Spieth seems to be not far away. I can't see a British player winning this year
  4. Kenya Cherrie


    Another legend died today. at an age of 22. Sire of the great Frankel, who is also turning out to be a great sire.
  5. Kenya Cherrie

    Nice weather today

    Watching Royal Ascot where it is peeing it down Sun and 32c today here in Denmark, had to gallop the horse at 6am. A bit warmer in California.
  6. Kenya Cherrie

    Barnsley Vs Swansea

    Swans 1-0 up
  7. Kenya Cherrie

    Birds "the feathered kind"

    They are back I saw my first large Starling flock today
  8. Kenya Cherrie

    Wycombe vs AFC Bournemouth

    Saturday 1st May. 15.00 Wycombe Wanderers must win both remaining games, and hope Derby County lose theirs - in addition to overcoming a 13-goal deficit in goal difference - to stay in the Championship. It is a very tall order, given that they’ve won consecutive league matches only twice...
  9. Kenya Cherrie


    I believe the playoffs are unfair. The team in 3rd place should be promoted. Many teams who are a long way ahead on points in 3rd get knocked out by a team 10 points behind in 6th. Very unfair really. Last 5 seasons, only one team that finished 3rd got promoted. Fulham 4th Aston Villa 5th...
  10. Kenya Cherrie

    5th or 6th is still possible

    Long way to go yet. A couple of wins will put us in with a shout
  11. Kenya Cherrie

    Illegal Streaming

    I see Mobdro has been shut down, I used to use it for watching horse racing.
  12. Kenya Cherrie

    5 Letter Word Game

    Saw this on another clubs forum. You can only change one letter in a 5 letter word Example Court = Truck so i change Truck to Crust
  13. Kenya Cherrie

    Exercise during lockdown.

    Not able to get out on the golf course due to snow, so I purchased some fitness elastic bands, they seem to work really well.
  14. Kenya Cherrie

    Too many clubs have the virus

    It seems many clubs are asking for football to be suspended again.
  15. Kenya Cherrie

    Who has played really well this year?

    Lewis has been outstanding, if we can keep him injury free I can see him being Player of the Year. Begovich has also upped his performance, Brilliant performances. from the both of them.
  16. Kenya Cherrie

    Todays games

    Both Norwich and Watford are losing at home. Can happen to us all.
  17. Kenya Cherrie

    What is Eddie doing these days.

    Kids. tennis, what else?
  18. Kenya Cherrie

    The Masters

    Very hard to predict the winner this year if DECHAMBEAU does't hit the fairways.
  19. Kenya Cherrie

    Fat lady still not singing

    Its not over yet, we had two bites of the Cherry.
  20. Kenya Cherrie

    Season Tickets 20-21

    I know its a bit early but is there a waiting list for STs next year. I cant find one on the ticket website.