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    Sentimental journey...

    Bootham Crescent ... Dean Court: Some of the photos of the abandoned ground bring memories of the South End at the old DC. Nice piece written by a true fan.
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    Chris Hughton

    Forest starting to look like a crisis-ridden club in the Sunderland mode. Pity - big support, decent stadium, great history. Fans must be furious/bewildered. Serious option for Eddie?
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    My dad…

    Condolences, Neil, and wishes to you and the family. I recognise your sentiments and think too of my Dad with us on the Brighton Beach End at our first DC match in 1962. Now we have to pass on the torch.
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    Barnsley - The verdict.

    Barnsley forum saying men against little boys. Encouraging…
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    AFC Bournemouth v Barnsley

    Lowe to score … just have a premonition.
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    AFC Bournemouth v Barnsley

    Replying to Waz … with both Pearson and Lerma we’re short of midfield creativity. And why not play Lowe, when we’re short of firepower? Plus, Morgan Rogers will surely get on at some point.
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    AFC Bournemouth v Barnsley

    Selection for Barnsley … surely Cahill, Christie and Lowe all play? And can we afford both Pearson and Lerma? Travers Stacey Cahill Kelly Zamura Pearson Brooks Christie Billing Lowe Solanke
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    General sale tickets

    OK SDD - once more we’re going round in circles. Key consideration - others get the balance (player recruitment/capital investment) more or less right … we can’t seem to. Right now it casts a shadow over the club and makes growth so very difficult. A pity …
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    General sale tickets

    Disagree SDD - some of the recruitment worked but some (including the most expensive) was ineffective at best or an outright fail. But that’s not all. How much effort went into strategic thinking about expanding the fan base - the critical long-term issue for the club? Our micro-stadium means...
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    General sale tickets

    Yes, bizarre is the word … cos throwing those sums at player fees, wages etc was never going to BUILD the club. What was needed? … sensible combination of player investment with ground improvement. We got some dumb buys (Ibe - glory be!!) and total inaction on DC development. Not just a sad...
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    General sale tickets

    Bizarre that we paid £27mn (??) for Lerma and have shut up shop on the training ground and DC expansion. It’s just exasperating … how do we get out this mini-stadium dead-end? If only we could build it, then THEY WILL COME!
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    Ryan Christie

    “I wouldn’t open my curtains” ..... etc This is a Shanklyism, originally a comment made about Everton. Acknowledge sources to avoid a big fat Fail.
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    Jamal Lowe

    That’s some goals reel. Worth a watch.
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    Ryan Christie

    My relatives in Aberdeen say Christie was “fantastic” for AFC at SPL level. They think he’ll do well for us in a Parker team. This looks like a fine acquisition.
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    A few thoughts on today

    Maybe our search for a winger is linked to moving Brooks into a more central role. A striker and winger are surely essential if we’re not to disappoint this season. Brooks should be a key creative element - but not out wide.
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    Clock is ticking …

    … transfer window closes Tuesday. If we continue threadbare upfront we’re in for a tricky time this season. Any news??
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    Norwich City v AFC Bournemouth - League Cup Second Round - Tuesday 7 pm

    And we laughed at Southampton after that Leicester game. What goes around …
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    Norwich City v AFC Bournemouth - League Cup Second Round - Tuesday 7 pm

    I remember losing 6-1 at Brentford in this competition… but never a scoreline as abject as this.
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    Norwich City v AFC Bournemouth - League Cup Second Round - Tuesday 7 pm

    Accord BBC we’ve had 55 per cent possession. So plenty of the ball and zilch to offer upfront. With just a few days to make signings we should be scouring the leagues for a striker.
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    Denis Law

    Is this another example of the footballers’ dementia crisis? Good luck DL - the best player I’ve ever seen live. He seemed to play on springs - elusive, all energy, with twists and turns. And what a combo with Best and Charlton … a privilege to have watched them.