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  1. afcb.czech

    Rambo to Arsenal

    I certainly don't wish Rambo any ill, but blimey he's overrated!
  2. afcb.czech

    Summer Training Camp - Spain

    Uff, it's only be preseason, but I'd say Scott Parker has a pretty tough job on his hands. Without Danjuma we have no spark at all and it's difficult to see where it will come from at the moment.
  3. afcb.czech

    England Euro 2020

    We're not, we just played like it ;). I'm starting to calm down now. My real gripe is that i said to my wife when Sancho and Rashford came on that Southgate's lost the plot... Hey ho, both miss their penalties and then the poor kid Sako is sent to save us. Well that and the passive, dull...
  4. afcb.czech

    England Euro 2020

    So another tournament goes by where England manage to get an easy route through and crumble as soon as a decent opponent pops up. Southgate will continue to be some kind of hero of English football while his team play the most dull, depressing crap on the planet. Tactical genius subbing 2...
  5. afcb.czech

    Jonathan Woodgate

    Under Woodgate we've been mostly crap, bar a 3 or 4 game purple patch. Under Tindall we were mostly crap, bar 3 or 4 games. I'm not over the moon with Woodgate, but can't realistically imagine us getting anybody better.
  6. afcb.czech

    Southampton - The Verdict.

    Uff, it's a good job we aint going up. We would be the laughing stock of the Premier League if we did. A million miles behind a below average PL side. Can you imagine Surridge and Solanke as a front 2 in the PL? :slap:
  7. afcb.czech

    Players we want out in the summer-

    We'll given that we got rid of our bigger name players, appointed JT and then JW as manager I guess the board is definitely not interested in promotion. So I guess the sensible thing is to get rid of anyone we can't afford, which is likely to be half the squad unfortunately.
  8. afcb.czech

    Barnsley - The Verdict

    I feel sorry for Surridge because I do actually like him, but the truth is he's out of the game against a centre half with a bit of strength, and truthfully this isn't the right level for him.
  9. afcb.czech

    Jack Wilshere

    I don't remember a game where Wilshere wasn't a class above everyone else. Sometimes (often) his teammates aren't on the same page, but I'm a big fan and he would be one of the first names on the team sheet for me. Billing is about as useful as Chukki. He turned up in a couple of games too.
  10. afcb.czech

    Sad News. RichGo.

    RIP RichGo :cry:
  11. afcb.czech

    Non - Pandemic

    Have to say, I'm somewhat jealous of the plan to loosen restrictions. It's absolute chaos here. We've more or less been in lockdown since March last year, kids out of school for 9 months, football seasons cancelled for all but the top two tiers. The team I play for has been going for promotion...
  12. afcb.czech

    Blake Out

    Whilst anything he says should be taken with a pinch of salt, very much got the impression from the recent podcast with EM that he was somewhat thrown under the bus by NB. Interesting loyalties given that EM was entirely responsible for NB getting his job in the first place.
  13. afcb.czech

    QPR The Verdict.

    Good post, sums up exactly how I feel.
  14. afcb.czech

    QPR The Verdict.

    Not entirely. My preference would be: 1. Play entertaining football and win 2. Play entertaining football and draw 3. Play entertaining football and lose 4. Any other outcome
  15. afcb.czech

    QPR The Verdict.

    I.e. a win doesn't make a performance entertaining. Sorry if the concept is too difficult for you.
  16. afcb.czech

    QPR The Verdict.

    We lost today but it was easily one of our best performances this season, certainly in the league. I'd always take a loss like today over a win like we did against Rotherham.
  17. afcb.czech

    Queens Park Rangers v AFC Bournemouth

    Over the 90 I'd say that was probably our best league performance under Woodgate. Have to question lining up with 4 central midfielders though. And also have to question the removal of Wilshere while the completely anonymous second half performance by Billing was tolerated.
  18. afcb.czech

    AFC Bournemouth v Rotherham United

    It's not about the league position, it's about the football we're playing. We're as entertaining as the likes of Ipswich were under McCarthy. If we play attractive, attacking football I'd take 20th. I'd happily swap league positions and match performances with Barnsley, for example.
  19. afcb.czech

    AFC Bournemouth v Rotherham United

    Absolutely shocking performance. Every bit as bad as the Forest game.
  20. afcb.czech

    Do we have ...

    I still think Artur Boruc had one of the most mispronounced names in AFCB history. The common consensus was (incorrectly) "Bo-rich". Correctly it should be "Bo-ruts".