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  1. adam0102

    Just for Al……Just got back

    Well, that was fun. I said at half time we were a pass away from scoring and it finally came good with a wonderful finish from Dom, followed by an Ibsen Rossi inspired routine for the second to spark wild celebrations amongst the boisterous and sizeable away contingent. I don’t do reports, but...
  2. adam0102

    New Manager Thread Thread

    Thought we should decide how many threads we need on the managerial situation.....
  3. adam0102

    DJ help

    How do I find the thread where we were saying what number of points we’d be happy with after ten games? I’ve searched but can’t find it
  4. adam0102

    Away strips

    Just turned on the Leeds/Wolves game Good job Wolves are wearing their burgundy away strip, that clash between all white and gold/black would have been a nightmare
  5. adam0102

    Non - RIP Eddie Van Halen

    A man who changed the way an instrument was played and inspired a generation Eruption was a magnificent piece of music
  6. adam0102

    JT after the game

    Exactly the sort of thing I wanted to hear....”the mentality’s got to be, if we score two, we don’t sit back, we score three, we score four” Impressed with words, playing style and performances so far
  7. adam0102

    Moseley on TS shortly

  8. adam0102

    How Sunday will pan out.....

    At 90 minutes: Arsenal 2-0 Watford Everton 0-0 AFCB West Ham 1-0 Villa 90+2 Whistle goes at the Emirates 90+3 Surridge scores a last kick of the game winner for us 90+4 West Ham get a second 90+6 West Ham’s second ruled out by VAR for handball 17 minutes previously 90+8 Mings equalises for Villa
  9. adam0102


    About 15 years ago there was an auction at DC after a game in which I bought a 16" x 12" pic of the Big Man running to camera after scoring, pursued by Baby Fletch, signed by both of them. I had no choice but to keep bidding, my wife's obsessed with Fletch and wouldn't let me stop :grinning...
  10. adam0102

    Looks like a straight fight now....

    .....between Watford and Villa for the third relegation place
  11. adam0102

    Unremittingly grim away days

    Just following on from the mentions of Gillingham on the "Karen" thread, I thought this might be better on a new thread. Forget the result, let's remember the worst days out Getting snowed on at Gillingham was one of the most bleak, it's a hideous hole even in good weather
  12. adam0102

    Mind blown

    I’ve been watching AFCB for 49 years Manchester United have just bid TWENTY MILLION POUNDS for one of our players And we told them to do one Blimey.......times have changed
  13. adam0102

    “Behind the scenes” vid on COWS

    Couple of nice touches, Jeff bringing his littl’un into the dressing room and Ryan giving his top to the mascot after she’d said it was cold out on the pitch Good to see the human side of the players
  14. adam0102

    Press trying to ramp up the pressure

    From the BBC site, and also reported on Talkshite: Responding to rumours he had been asked to step down as manager, he replied: "No, there's no truth in that." For "rumours", I'm guessing we should read "some idiot on Twatter making stuff up"
  15. adam0102

    Just watched.....

    Championship review 2014/15 on Sky +53 goal difference *sigh*
  16. adam0102

    Bob Willis RIP

    Died at 70 after a long illness. Gave me one of the best cricketing days of my life in 1981
  17. adam0102


    H&J discussing EH next
  18. adam0102

    Match report and MoM

    Shambles Nobody
  19. adam0102

    Just got back - Ratings and MoM

    A Bitter Return to Burton Well, that was fun. No match report per se, I can never remember as much detail as Neil, just some random musings and marks for the players. Eddie named a team that, to be honest, excited me and that should have been more than strong enough to win this game. Put it...
  20. adam0102

    Non - Help mklpserver

    How do I stop this fecking thing taking over my web page and saying i’ve been chosen for a prize. It’s happened ten times on the trot and i can’t get out of it without closing the internet window on my phone It only happens on this site