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  1. Ken Baileys Ghost

    Sporting achievements. Non

    The events last night have got me thinking. In all the years I've followed sport of all kinds I can't think of a more unlikely result than that of the US Open tennis. In footballing terms it makes Leicester winning the EPL no great surprise, technically they had a 22/1 chance of winning it...
  2. Ken Baileys Ghost

    Engl and and and dorra

    A waste of space nothing international which could end up as a real humiliation for the Andorran players. A competition to make it a little more interesting. What percentage of the game will be Andorra's? I'm going for 17% First prize is a brand new electric scooter* *Subject to...
  3. Ken Baileys Ghost

    Derby Salford. non

    Worth a look.
  4. Ken Baileys Ghost

    Non - 65 million years ago today.

    Or thereabouts, the Dinosaurs copped it. They probably didn't see it coming. A lesson for us all, especially people going to The Hundred, or any Shakespeare productions. Time is short.
  5. Ken Baileys Ghost

    Shakespeare, wtf is that about? (non)

    I've had enough. Went to an open air production last night, and after 50 years of Shakespeare I've finally realised that it's shite from start to finish. I did it at school, have been to the Swan and the Globe, have seen the RSC and many well known actooors perform etc. etc. and the only...
  6. Ken Baileys Ghost


    Would appear to have vanished. Anyone?
  7. Ken Baileys Ghost

    Games this weekend, non

    4 matches of little interest to me, other than I'll have a bet. City Chelsea Brentford Swansea Blackpool Lincoln Morcambe Newport I'm going City, because of Ake Swansea, Brentford is a new ground for me next season Blackpool, I still hate Lincoln and everything about the place. Newport...
  8. Ken Baileys Ghost

    Cummings, non

    He may be a weasel, but he can't be lying about all of it. Fantastic morning's entertainment. Worth watching on the Iplayer if you have time.
  9. Ken Baileys Ghost

    Alan Green. Non

    Talking to a mate today about the Euros and the conversation drifted to commentators who ruin matches. Alan Green was mentioned and I realised that he is no longer on the radio. Apparently he got the push last summer, that must have hurt his massive ego...
  10. Ken Baileys Ghost

    FAO Table, non

    And why not? :grinning: Only got to page 20 though. 100 more to go.
  11. Ken Baileys Ghost

    So who gets second place and who wins the playoffs then?

    Well? Two teams to start the season in the Grown Ups League
  12. Ken Baileys Ghost

    Swallows! (of course it's non)

    Saw first of them this morning. Cheered me up no end. So much so that we are going up and Woodgate is God.
  13. Ken Baileys Ghost

    Waterproof pants.

    Anybody have Eddie's home address, as I'd like to send him some. He must be pissing himself right now.
  14. Ken Baileys Ghost

    Tonight's games

    Nothing going for us. Rotherham is a must win.
  15. Ken Baileys Ghost

    RIP Caroline?

    Maybe I just missed it. But if it's gone this is some of the best news to come out of the club in 12 months.
  16. Ken Baileys Ghost

    Happy birthday baby Jesus

    May you all have the kind of Christmas you deserve. :grinning:
  17. Ken Baileys Ghost

    Christmas food, non

    A little social survey. In light of Christmas pretty much being cancelled and most us now having to change our plans, where do we all stand on preparedness and over/ preparedness when it comes to what's in the larder?
  18. Ken Baileys Ghost

    Other games non

    Just seen the Scummers goal against Sheff United. Ball is laid on for them to score by a ball off the top of the attackers shoulder. Goal given, not sure if they even had a VAR appeal. Have they changed the rules now we have been relegated? No wonder Sheff United are so poor away from...
  19. Ken Baileys Ghost

    Good luck all you going today

    Never thought I'd be posting this for a home game, but good luck to all of you lucky enough to be going and stay safe today. And be patient; it'll be tinpot I know; but at least you're there. There are plenty who want to go and can't. I'm actually going to pay money for the stream now it's...
  20. Ken Baileys Ghost

    City v Burnley head to head. (non)

    This is one thing I don't miss about the EPL. Currently, although this could change at any second: Conceded 28 Scored 1 today 2nd half Manchester City5-0Burnley 30 sep 2020 Burnley0-3Manchester City 22 jun 2020 Manchester City5-0Burnley 3 dec 2019 Burnley1-4Manchester City 28 apr 2019...